Cara Hunter

Cara Hunter

Aliases: "Batgirl,Stephanie Brown,Supergirl,"

Nicknames: Girl Wonder,Cara,Hunter,Lionheart, girl with the lion heart

Height: 5'8

Weight: 120 lbs

Hair: Blonde

Hair Style: Long

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Eyes: Sky Blue

Age: 19-20

Hero Ranking: Class C

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual-Lesbian

Personality: ISTP personality

Cerberus Bio:

Cara Hunter is the biological daughter of Guile Hunter and also super agent of Cerberus, Cara Hunter's story begins when her father Guile Hunter fell in love with and wedded a female Cerberus soldier that went by the name Jane Redfield.

At the age of eight attributes of her fathers genetics passed down to her were already unfolding and becoming evident as she had the strength to surpass or at minimum match four peak humans, the same day she turned eight was also the same day she joined her father as a hero in the HBP.

Cara Hunter received six months of training before she was deployed into active duty for the first time ever, her first mission was fighting a super villain known as Scare Crow.

Eight year old Cara Hunter was deployed to handle a hostage situation that a renown super villain know as the Scare Crow created, usually the towns icon hero Z would have dealt with him but that day was a day of misfortune after several years of defeat Scare Crow finally managed to kill the cities icon and hero upon that happening even the S.W.A.T. were unable to get close to him with out massive casualties

Cerberus was called upon for assistance and Cara was the only hero quickest to retrieve, Cara had been well prepared for this day training since she was four in various martial arts with various teachers ranging from her father Guile Hunter to other heroes such as Al Bancroft and Akaria .

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Cara Hunter's father was a genetically engineered human with genetics from one of the best male U.S soldiers and one of the best female soldiers in the world, Guile Hunter was engineered to super human physique gaining peak human physique in one year after being created and would steadily become stronger as time went by and by the age of thirty he was physically superior than thirty peak humans combined.

Cara has the same capabilities of her father Guile Hunter but not as concentrated since her father was superhuman while her mother Jane Redfield was not thus Cara's gene pool wasn't completely superhuman and she gained only half of her fathers abilities.

While Guile Hunter can get stronger than a peak human after every year or so by an unknown amount of factors his daughter Cara Hunter has limitations, at the age of eight she began to gain a super human physiology becoming four times stronger than a peak human despite her size and at that age her peak physique was slightly greater or equal to eight peak humans combined.

Cara as she ages gains strength greater than a peak human but limits with her age, for example now at the age of around twenty or nineteen her peak physique ranges around eighteen peak humans and her base being nine times greater than a peak human, she is capable of great feats of strength such as punching harder then any normal human being can possibly can.

Peak human lifting strength is around 1,000 lbs, Cara at base can lift 9,000 lbs and 18,000 lbs at her max in total Cara can lift four tons with ease and nine tons at max. A peak human can punch around 1,700 to 2,000 PSI Cara at base can deliver 18,000 PSI punches with minimum effort and at maximum effort 36,000 PSI.

not only is Cara strong but also very fast, a peak humans reaction time is 100 milliseconds Cara at her base can react at 11.1 milliseconds and at her peak 5.5 milliseconds and with the aid of her built in neural interface she can increase it to a maximum reaction speed of 2.7 milliseconds.

Cara's movement speed at base is 243 mph and at her peak it's 486 mph with this level of speed she is easily capable of keeping up with speeding automobiles and dispatching several humans before they could even register she was there.

(more to be added)

The Suit

At the age of eight one month before she was going to get deployed for active duty in Hero Brigade Paragon Cara Hunter suffered a terrible accident during training.

The accident resulted in Cara becoming a paraplegic, however she did not remain paraplegic long an experimental procedure was preformed on her to maker her walk again.

"You are going to put THAT IN MY DAUGHTER!?!"-Guile Hunter

A cloned and reverse engineered replica of a powerful parasitic alien creature was bonded into her spinal cord, the parasite was a less power but also significantly less violent creature unlike the original based counterpart.

The original parasite of the first host was incredibly powerful said host was one of the few beings that ever survived the bonding process unwillingly (as in the parasite forced a bondage) the ending result was a cloned super hero getting infected with the parasite however retaining a moderate level of control.

A sample was taken from the original parasite that came from an alien race known as the Subversores a long,long,long time ago Cerberus and the HBP had a war between them and in the end the legendary hero Ryland Shayd was credited with defeating the powerful race of self-resurrecting and adapting aliens including conquer of their home world.

Many years of experimenting passed by on this sample tens of thousands of reverse engineered parasitic clones were created in a attempt to create a more effective symbiote suit and then one day they did. The parasite was nick named Fludy and was very young when they bonded Fludy into Cara.

Fludy is a Unisex parasite only being comparable to a plant however Fludy has considered itself more female than male.

"Hey Fludy you don't mind this look right?"-Cara Hunter

Now Fludy was around the same age Cara was when it was bonded to Cara and together they formed a blood bond, Cara and Fludy created a Symbiosis relationship Fludy would remain dormant in Cara's spinal cord absorbing necessary energy from her body so it will be p leak out through the pores of her skin when needed.

Fludy provides many bonuses to the already super human Cara, when in costume or with Fludy covering Cara she gains class hundred durability to parts of her body Fludy is covering (So the Chin,Mouth,Lips,Eyes, are extremely vulnerable if not covered) with the level of durability Fludy provides it can also provide invulnerability to ballistic weaponry.

(More to be added)

[Agent Of Cerberus History]

Cara was not only a member of the Hero Brigade Paragon but also Agent of Cerberus, all C-class heroes and below were apart of this branch as their threat capability was equal or below city level.

Many recruits were added into the Agents branch and an iconic uniform was created for them, the outfit consisted of a unique short brown jacket with special properties.

(More to come)


The Batmobile

"One of the sexist cars to be created by humanity"-Cara Hunter

The Batmobile is a Cerberus state of the art vehicle solely and specifically created for Cara Hunter, the vehicle is 181.8 inches in length and 80.11 inches in width followed by being 44.7 inches in height the vehicle weight roughly five short tons.

The Batmobile can comfortably carry up to a four passengers and stuff in a extra two with difficulty, over one thousand were made for Cara each costing Cerberus one hundred million dollars each to create.

(More to be added)



Neural Interface Device

Or a N.I.D. for short was a device planted at the external occipital protuberance area of Cara's skull when she was four, standard procedure for all Cerberus forces were the implants of N.I.D.'s in said area how ever Cara's N.I.D. was unique in a sense compared to the generic N.I.D. and there were several reasons why.

The first of which was that it was the only N.I.D. designed to significantly increase the perception of the user and grant Night Vision,Thermal Vision,X-and Ray Vision in one sitting, the second reason was that the N.I.D. came accompannied with a super advanced state of the art CPU designed to store data in Cara's mind automatically thus giving her subconsciously eidetic memory, a third reason was a more advanced H.U.D. that surpassed the H.U.D.'s even given to the special forces of Cerberus being more simple yet also more versatile.

With her unique N.I.D. Cara can have knowledge instantly downloaded into her brain through either a device or skill/powerful technopath, due to being a super hero Cara's N.I.D. is quite vulnerable to outside forces and thus magic from one of her long time HBP friends was used to enchant Cara's N.I.D. cloaking it from anything and everything that's not high tier magic for all intents and purposes there are only a handful of ways to locate her N.I.D. with it being impossible to locate with out high tier magic or key info, the magic also permanantly shields Cara's N.I.D. from any non physical attacks

Utility Belt

Cara's utility belt was made by the scientists of Cerberus and given to her as a piece of equipment to aid her occupation as a member of Hero Brigade Paragon, there are approximately eighteen square slots in her gold yellow utility belt and a circle shaped slot in the center that connects everything together.

The utility belt has a built in Ultra Nanite in the center of the belt powered by a Dwarf Star that's kept inside the belt's center but behind the Ultra Nanite via dimensional storage portal giving Cara a source of virtually nigh limitless energy for the Ultra Nanite only hindered from true limitless power by the hazard of damaging the belt when overheated/overloaded through excess production of equipment.

Cara's utility belt is linked to her N.I.D. allowing her to control the Ultra Nanite and even some features of the belt from distances just by thought, but the most useful feature of the linking is that with the N.I.D. she can search through the ten thousand schematics of Cerberus equipment installed into the Utility Belt functions.

Essentially Cara Hunter has ten thousand pieces of Cerberus Equipment at her disposal that can be reproduced by the Ultra Nanite in her belt which as long as it has a power source will be able to produce any of the featured ten thousand and even any extra's that Cara decides to install.

The Utility Belt has an immunity to EMP's and magnetism via otherworldly composite materials covering the belt followed by high tier resistance to technopathy and magic through the Ultra Nanite linkage with Cara's N.I.D.

Adamantium Batarangs

Adamantium Batarangs were one of the first schematics downloaded into the Utility Belt and also one of Cara's first signature weapons, as the weapon's name implies they are bat shaped shurikens made out of Adamantium there are two types of Adamantium Batarangs that Cara uses the most common one being a light yet flexible jet black shuriken and the second being a sturdy yet heavy silver colored bat shuriken.

The black batarangs are Cara's most used shurikens that serve commonly as projectiles to disarm,disable,incapacitate or even wound opponents.

The black batarangs appear remarkably similar to Kunai's at first due to their ability to contract taking the shape of a bat sleeping upside down or expand to a shape similar to a bat preparing for flight this feature is available to Cara as all the common batarangs have a tiny slit at the center which expands or contracts the wings when clicked, when contracted Cara can use them for various inventive purposes while the expanded mode is used more often than not as thrown projectiles.

The silver adamantium batarangs are four inches in height and six inches in length double the size of the black batarangs and lack the contracting/expanding feature that its smaller variant has, the main advantage of these shurikens are its larger size and general usage as Cara's CQC weapon.

What both batarangs have in common and the reason they are so useful to Cara is due to their mono-molecular edges made extremely sharp by their nano bot creator­s allowing piercing damage at a molecular level, the edges are so sharp that they are capable of easily slicing or piercing through many conditions it even took Cara over a decade to fully master fighting with Adamantium Shurikens which once more were so sharp that she lost her right pinky finger the first time she picked up a generic adamantium batarang.

[Feats of the Adamantium Bararangs are the following]

  • Easily piercing through Cara Hunter's symbiote suit with no resistance despite it being bullet proof and having class hundred durability
  • Cleanly slicing through high caliber bullets in half mid air seconds after they get shot.
  • Going through several feet of tungsten after Cara threw it once using only a tiny fraction of her true throwing strength.
  • Blocking other monomolecular sharp level attacks.
  • Capable of remaining undamaged after the effects of a nuclear blast near them.

Goliath Suit

Cara's symbiote suit recently lost its effectiveness when the alien parasite within Cara Hunter received heavy damage during an event that took place in Gothic City this caused Cara's combat efficiency to decrease which eventually lead to a necessary change until the symbiote fully heals, the change was a super suit gifted to her by a Science Teacher in mutant controlled Venezuela six months after the incident.

The super suit is named/called by Cara the Goliath suit it allows the user the abilities of size manipulation and density manipulation with the suit she can use its unique features on herself or others, the suit uses unique particles for its capabilities which Cara calls Goliath Particles that originate from the future never running out of charge or usage allowing Cara to use the suits size and density manipulation a limitless amount of times.

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Okay so I read this because you told me to. And wow this is great! You're really specific and did a lot of research with her. A few people and I are writing comics for our own characters and we aren't this specific. Are you some kind of math/science major? lol. Keep up the good work!

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@batmannflash: TY very much!


and I still got a few more stuff to add like the batsuits/vehicles and super gadgets :D!

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Nice bio

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@strongarm: sure, but just for early mention her Bio isn't necessarily done and there is a lot more to add ;D

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@batmannflash: I'll add in twenty more pounds

:O thx for the advice but just so you know I want her to be skinny so I'm just adding twenty more XD

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@cara_hunter: no problem. I know you want her slim, but 100 lbs is anorexic, no offense lol

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And for hero ranking C, how do you rank something like that?

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@batmannflash: oh that's another blog

A = Planetary and above

C = City level and below

B = In between a and c.

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@cara_hunter: oh thanks. I see. That may help me organize the characters I have created

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@batmannflash: if you have anthing above planetary just keep going A++++ lol

C = Ironman level maxish and lowest Punisher level

B = Hulk levelish

A = Superman and above

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@cara_hunter: not sure how I feel about Iron Man being at level C. I would put in at a low B, but whatever. Do you ever plan on making more characters? Or is it just Cara

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@cara_hunter: oh didn't know you had another account. Holy crap I have more heroes than you but you've put so much more work into it and it's incredibly detailed. Impressive!

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Why thank you :D

they are supposed to be my justice league for the RPG forum.

Cara's my interesting character XD and the others are my interesting high tier characters.

P.S: that's just half the characters I still need double.

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@cara_hunter: you create villains? And do you ever plan on using these characters outside of RPG? Like writing a story perhaps? :)

Posted by Cara_Hunter

I'm planning on creating villains by I don't think I'll have the time

and outside of RPG I'm planning on making a story series about Cara Hunter which will be cannon to her feats.

She'll be like traveling across the universes (Doctor Who style) defeating various super villains, and of course there will be side characters.

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@cara_hunter: wow nice. tell me when you write the series (you've got my support already)! Me and a couple guys started writing our own comic book universe (which I won't reveal too much about) and you can do so much more with a story rather than just the RPG.

But not sure if I can imagine a ranking C hero like Cara traveling across the universe, but I can be wrong

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Well think of it like this

Tens of thousands of Super Heroes working for a "Pro Humanity Organization" said organization has been helping humanity expand their potential by giving them technology thousands of years ahead of their time line.

These Heroes are the only thing that stops Cerberus from getting steam rolled by Over powered Super villains and aliens.

Cara will be categorized for people in her level and of course will have a wittle but of plot power to look cool when fighting powerful people (think female batman)

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@cara_hunter: makes sense, it's an interesting concept. I would honestly read something like that!

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wish I had the attention span to make something like this...

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@pro_nelson: yah

I go for stats.stats and then start the wittle details (I make a separate blog for origins or just state orgin IC posts)

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I do similar lol. I just be all over the place however when I write.

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@pro_nelson: Hey I'm all over the place too (see the More to be added) I still have a lot to add and I'm slackin :P