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sure is touching indeed. BTW who's watching your back???

aside from that, Amazo still takes a majority. Way too versatile for SS to take down. Thanos ain't beating this Amazo and neither will Surfer.

Is that a threat?

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@masterkungfu said:

are you offended or something?

The only ones offended are the people who don't want me responding to them (Dredeuced, highaccuser, etc...).

Why would that offend me?


I get it. You are one of the ones that got tagged by highaccuser into responding to me.

How cute.

Lookin' out for your bros? That's very touching.

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@floopay said:

Living Tribunal uses his infinite power to hire Batman as his body guard. Then gives Batman an average every day pistol with a not-so-rare type of radiation in it's bullets.

Thanks for reading,


Indeed. He may fall prey to the "liquid hot mag-ma".

o o


EDIT: someone care to lock this?

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WW Hulk is almost a non-factor.


Thanos and Superman-Prime are real problems.

I lean heavily toward Thanos, Prime and the Hulk.

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@sophia89 said:

full powered sentry eh

Yup. Although not always clearly defined, the Sentry's powers put him closer in power to Thanos than any superhero on earth.

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ttt. You're gonna be the next Korvus aren't you? Don't respond to me again.

No problem. Consider this my last response.

I don't know who Korvus is, but if by "Korvus" you mean, the guy who won't back down when presented with out of context scans and the guy who presents rational, logical explanations based on feats in continuity, then that would be me.

Please enjoy your stay on comic vine.




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The first scan from your spoiler pics is not really the best scan to use as proof of Wally's speed. I love how everyone chalks up his speed at trillions of times the speed of light using this scan, despite the clear verbiage that says, "...a hairs breadth short of the speed of light".

"It also says he evacuated a city in .00001 microseconds, which is an equally true writers statement. These two don't line up, so we go with what the data agrees with."

*rolls eyes*

highaccuser, the writer's intent is clear:


Not once, but twice, he clearly indicates that he intended Wally to run near the speed of light. His math...

was wrong.

The next one is okay. However, Superman has also sped up his perceptions to match Flash's speed as well:

"No, Flash slowed himself down to match Supermans".

Where does it say that in the scan???

So, based on the above, should we assume they are on the same level of speed?

"...No because he clearly has to slow himself down for that. Wally's feats put him leagues above Superman"

Show me from that book where it says that.


And, no Clark does not have better speed/reaction feats than the Silver Surfer. And only on Comic Vine have I ever heard that Superman, martians, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern have superluminal reaction speed.

"1. Kyle reacted to a ship moving at 7 times the speed of light."


If he did, it was poor writing. The character does not have FTL reflexes.

"2. Wonder Woman blocked billions of FTL shards from every angle."

Batman made the comment that Wonder Woman had better reaction time than Clark, making an analogy between Usain Bolt and Bruce Lee. However, I've not seen one shred of credible evidence indicating Wonder Woman is FTL in reflexes.

"MMH kept up with a ship moving at 8 times the speed of light."

If he did, then it was poor writing. Additionally, what does keeping up with a ship moving at 8x the speed of light have to do with reaction time? Martian Manhunter, by his own admission, is slower than Superman (whom you admit is actually slower than light speed in reaction time), and has much fewer reaction feats than the Silver Surfer.


"Superman is lightspeed/sublightspeed more often than not, I'll grant you that."

You'll grant me that.

That's nice.

Thanks for acknowledging what the feats clearly indicate.

The scans above are clear: Wally West, I know for a fact, was not even capable of coming near the speed of light at this time (from 1990), because Wally didn't start breaking the speed of light until Zero Hour. So, Superman is not faster than light. So please stop saying he is.

"Well...honestly even from the point where he couldn't go FTL he had superluminal feats. In the human race, him outracing the explosion of kyrpton and Zeta beams required him to go massively FTL."

And we circle back around to this. highaccuser, Superman is not FTL in reaction speed. This has been covered.

"And Superman can move faster than light. He's traveled to the sun in seconds, traveled 25 light years in minutes, gotten from the sun to the source wall in a casual conversation, bliltzed Wonder Woman multiple times, etc."


highaccuser, above is your statement, not mine.

"But that's mostly travel speed, which has no bearing here, so why you used travel feats for Surfer is beyond me.

Just because he performed those feats on his board doesn't make them travel feats.

Wally remaining invisible to the "army" of pre-crisis superheroes, whom you mention in one broad sweeping statement (as if they are all on the same level of speed...) was Wally's doing, as the scan YOU submitted clearly indicates:

Additionally, turning invisible as a result of his vibratory power is something he has been able to do for a long time:

" He's vibrating to move at speeds they all couldn't percieve. What, you think he's phasing though the beams of light? Because I'm fairly sure he can't become nearly that insubstantial."

Exactly, and you are making my point for me. You said this:

"An army of pre-crisis heroes can't percieve Wally. pre-crisis Superman who broke the reality barrier with his speed and had the perception to comprhend infinity couldn't even see Wally."

You see what I'm driving at? Earlier, you asserted Wally West couldn't be perceived by pre-crisis Superman...could not see Wally...even though pre-crisis Superman was fast enough to, "....perceive eternity...".

Now you're agreeing with me?

You have done a lot of back tracking and changing of previously submitted statements. You have also ignored much of what I've said, or otherwise not bothered to address it.

Wally zipping around in a pico second is truly one of his better speed/reaction feats. However, Norrin has engaged in combat with Deathurge while time is STOPPED. Get it? Not even a pico second passes by.

"Superman has also pushed through time manipulation, so this doesn't put him above Clark by any means."

What? Who are you referring to?? If you mean Superman has travelled time and that doesn't put him above Wally, then I see where you are going with this. Yet, above, you indicate that pre-crisis Superman could perceive eternity. And you would be right. If you can move, think and react in the 4th dimension...that is a reaction feat, unlike reacting in 3 dimensional space.

Aside from a statement from living tribunal there's nothing showing time wasn't just slowed down a lot.


Uh, yeah.

Rune used the time gem to command time to stop.

Doesn't leave any room for error in this scan. Time was stopped.


"Also, LT states that speed is now meaningless, which to me made it sound like he'd given Surfer immunity to the time manipulation."

Speed is meaningless when a character travels time, because as he pointed out, speed and distance are 3 dimensional concepts. Time travel, although achieved by the Silver Surfer's speed, becomes irrelevant when you are actually moving through time, the fourth dimension. But to achieve the speed to travel time has always been a result of the Surfer's speed:

Notice the connection between speed and time travel? This has been consistent throughout the Silver Surfer's continuity.

My point is that the scans of Surfer engaged in combat during the time stop? Are the result of his own speed.

0 seconds is less than a pico second highaccuser.

As well, he has other incredible speed/reaction feats that are comparable to Wally West's:

"This is what I was talking about earlier. 90% of those were travel feats, and even then they only cited him as a bit above lightspeed."

No. They're not. The feats I submitted earlier are reaction feats. For example, these scans below that I submitted earlier:


First, the last tow walls, made of vibranium, are rigged to explode once the wall is breached. Second, the Surfer does not know where in the prison she is. He has to locate her. Third, the third cropped image, directly above, indicates he gets to Nova BEFORE the signal even arrives. Fourth, if there is any question as to how fast the signal is, it is skrull technology, which is more advanced than earth technology.

So. Let's review. The Surfer busted two thick walls of VIBRANIUM, located Nova and got to her...

before the signal even arrived. The last scan, shows he got Nova out of danger before the the explosion could even fully effect her. THAT...

is a reaction feat. Not a travel feat. Matter of fact, none of those scans you are denouncing are travel feats.

"The only one of those that really matches up to Wally is scanning the whole planet, but Jay Garrick did pretty much the same thing when he was looking for Dr.Fate. Most importantly, note the IG instance. He clearly couldn't move his hand to readjust to Thanos' position, which shows he couldn't react at the speeds he was moving at."

First of all, please don't compare Jay Garrick to the Silver Surfer in reaction speed. It's ridiculous. Jay Garrick, like all other speedsters, save Wally West, normally require the cosmic treadmill to travel time. Wally does it under his own speed as does the Silver Surfer.

Secondly, thank you for acknowledging the impressiveness of the planet searching feat. It is an immensely fast reaction feat.

How so?

I'm glad you asked.

Doctor Strange is indicated as on par with Norrin Radd in terms of being cosmically aware.

Doctor Strange had just indicated that he tried to perform a search for Namor through the use of astral projection.

Therefore, because Doctor Strange could not perform the search astrally, the Silver Surfer performed a physical search of the entire planet.

That's 196, 000, 000 mi ^2 searched in about 4 seconds.

And if you think he searched from high vantage points, how does that explain all the billions of people that were not looking up when he performed the search???


The Surfer physically searched the entire planet for one guy. Logically, he used his ability to phase to perform the search.

Think about where people were randomly scattered: at the beach. On an elevator. In the shower. On the freeway driving to work.

THAT is a reaction feat of the highest order. The Silver Surfer's reaction speed is immensely fast.

The last scan of Wally moving before Thawne even saw him is only proof of Thawne's slow reaction speed as well. And you said it yourself: Wally hadn't even begun achieving his potential how is this scan proof of anything other than Thawne is slow?

"Earlier in this same story Thwane wiped the floor with Hal Jordan and Jay Garrick, each who have nanosecond reaction speed."

Okay. This is news to me. Since when has Hal Jordan shown nano second reaction speed? I do recall Garrick having higher end reaction speed....but nothing on par with the feats indicated above for the Surfer.

"He's Barry's equal, and that DOES make him FTL even though only Wally should be able to do that countary to what you said earlier. Barry went at superluminal speeds during final crisis, and that was written by Morrison, who wrote Human race which addressed Wally's early lightspeed limits."

highaccuser, that depends on the writer. I know for a fact in Flash (vol. 2) 79, in Wally's fight with Thawne, until Wally popped a cork and started fighting aggressively, Thawne was Wally's superior in speed....yet Wally as we all know did not begin exceeding the speed of light until Zero Hour and Terminal Velocity (beginning issue 95). Later we seen Thawne (Flash 225 I believe...) fighting Wally on equal terms.


That is what you call inconsistency. And really it's irrelevant any way for the purpose of this discussion.

"So Thwane was FTL, and Wally was much faster than him. This is one of those times I mentioned where he moved faster than light at a time when he shouldn't have been able to."


"Now I'll address Runner. Look at this:

He's clearly less than lightspeed here. But more importantly, you know who was faster than both him and Makkari the whole time?

It's pretty damn clear here that Barry is faster than the Runner, and we all know Barry is way slower than Wally."


Buried Alien's (an obvious reference to Barry Allan) win, from Quasar 17, is not the same instance where Makkari beats the Runner. That was from Quasar 58. In Quasar 58, Buried Alien did race again, but "took one for the team", to dispose of a cheater. This of course, cost him that race.

There are some striking similarities between Quasar 58, where light speed is termed the "ultimate speed in the universe", and the events that occurred in Zero Hour 4 and Flash 0 (vol. 2), where the ultimate (at that time) was also indicated by the speed of light.

The writer of Quasar, Mark Gruenwald was a major proponent of The Official Handbook of The Marvel Universe. His endeavor was to add a greater element of suspension of belief in Marvel Comics. Now whether he actually thought the speed of light was the fastest speed in the Marvel Universe or whether he sought to establish it as the ultimate speed in the Marvel Universe is unclear, but that notion would wipe out much of the Silver Surfer's continuity with regard to established speed feats, time travel feats in fact, both written by Stan Lee. Time travel feats for the Surfer require him to exceed the speed of light.

At any rate, in that particular book (Quasar 58), the speed of light is termed as the "ultimate speed in the universe". Since we know the speed of light is obviously not the ultimate speed in the Marvel Universe, how is the feat reconciled with Marvel continuity?

We could go with the intent of the writing.

And what was that? That Makkari had achieved the top possible speed in the universe. Obviously, that isn't the speed of light. Using the "Grossgumbeekian techinique of speed", Makkari achieved the top possible speed in the universe. This is significant because the Runner is seen later conversing and otherwise interacting with the character (although he lost the race above by a comparatively small margin...given the "speed" they were moving at).

Notice the last scan indicates the Runner and Makkari conversing with the Grand Master, who according to him, "...has control over time and space". Meaning, Makkari and the Runner were moving through time at that point. This is similar to Wally's achieving the ultimate speed in Zero Hour, also indicated to be the speed of light. Achieving that speed also allowed Wally to time travel, albeit uncontrollably (Flash 0 occurs after the events of Zero Hour 4, in which he literally is tossed from one point in time to the next, including his own child hood):

Is the speed of light the ultimate speed Wally West could achieve?

In my opinion, the writer of Quasar intended for Makkari to achieve the "top possible speed in the universe".

The Runner is seen freely conversing and interacting with Makkari at that speed, "the top possible speed in the universe". Therefore, in my opinion, the Runner is much faster than he is given credit for. Additionally, consider this fact: The Silver Surfer can sense energy signatures from many light years away. The Runner is in possession of the "power primordial", which I'm sure, has it's own distinctive energy signature. Yet, as the scans below clearly indicate, the Silver Surfer was completely taken by surprise by the Runner:

You will find inconsistencies in every character's continuity highaccuser. The trick is reading between the lines and trying to get to the bottom of what the writer was trying to achieve.

A final note concerning the Surfer's reaction speed: you asserted earlier that him getting tagged by slower characters is proof he has no reaction speed? Below, is a nice explanation in general why the Surfer may not always move out of the way:

Amazo is a tough customer. But often times, he is more a threat to the JLA in theory than in actuality.

The Surfer creams Amazo.

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Higher tier characters has EVERYTHING to do with it.If Silver Surfer truly had the power to just transmute a powerful foe, he would do so. He has been bloodlusted, and been absolutely helpless to do anything against higher tier villains. When he's bloodlusted against Thanos, all he can do is bend over and wait for what's coming to him. Same with Morg, Tyrant etc.

First of all, Thanos is in a category by himself. He bridges the gap between characters like Thor or heralds and, well, someone like Galactus. He falls squarely in the middle. Morg beat the Surfer once. And it was by no means a stomp. The second time they met, he trounced him:


Tyrant took on several heralds, including the Silver Surfer and Gladiator and Jack of Hearts and mopped the floor with them. He is only step below Galactus in power. And I've only seen the Surfer bloodlusted ONCE against Thanos and both opponents were pulled away from one another. Nevertheless, Thanos is well above the Surfer in power. So, poor examples on your part.

Silver Surfer's abilities to transmute matter don't extend to characters of a certain power level, or else he would have done it once by now.

kangconquers, there is absolutely no reason to believe he couldn't. That's the point. You've created something out of absolutely nothing. There is no reason he could NOT transmute a high tier character, as you indicate. And it at the end of this conversation, it really doesn't matter as Wonder Woman gets destroyed by an opponent who, as the scans I've submitted already indicated, much, much faster. Additionally, he never has to even come near her. He can zip around at well over the speed of light and blast her with energy strikes. Even if she could hit him, what would she do to a guy who endures solar system level explosions (as indicated in the second scan above), or who runs into Galactus's force fields at top speed, or zips through the core of a star just for fun or rides the explosions of supernovas?


Answer? Nothing. She's going to get stomped into oblivion.

So again, can you provide a scan of him transmuting a higher tier character and dispersing their atoms. Just one feat. That's all I ask. Original I said three (One is an accident, two is a coincidence, three is proof) but now I'm just asking you for ONE.

You are imposing a requirement that does not need to exist to prove that Surfer can turn Wonder Woman into jelly. You act as if this entire argument revolves around the Surfer performing feats of transmutation on a so-called high tier.

Newsflash: Those parameters exist only in your mind.

You can't use something that's never happened in comics because it's a paper ability in a handbook.

Uh-huh. Got it.

Translation? You haven't read much on the Silver Surfer have you?

The Surfer destroys Diana and twice on Sunday.

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@jonny_anonymous said:

hmm very interesting

Heads up. Revised as of about 60 seconds ago. :)

In my next topic, I will cover time travel as it relates to the speed of light with regard to the Silver Surfer, but included will be some characters from DC as well.