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515399 Blackout; Alabaster; Bloodhound; Brain Boy; Trekker; King's Road; City of Roses; Nexus; Hunter Quaid; Villain House Issue Overview http://www.darkhorse.com/Blog/1398/dark-horse-superhero-blackout-debuts-dark-horse-pr 08/25/14 07:55PM 3 Approved
239008 BALEETED OBJECT, THIS MESSAGE WILL NO LONGER EXIST IN THE FUTURE BEEP BOOP Issue Overview I have the physical comic in my hands and confirmed these credits. 10/06/13 12:59PM N/A Pending
238982 Boom! Studios Company Overview 10/06/13 12:34PM 16 Approved
238975 Issue Overview Confirmed with the writer that he was accidentally uncredited for this issue: Michael Nelson ‏@roquesdoodle 11 Sep @CaptHowdy666 i haven't seen Pirate Tales in ages! But do you have Fear The Dead? It's the only book they ever forgot to credit me on. 10/06/13 12:17PM 3 Approved
238972 Ninja Tales Issue Overview 10/06/13 12:13PM 3 Approved
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