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@the_kza said:

If you don't want to carry the sterlite medium show off you can get the BCW Comic Book Stor-Folio this can fit in your backpack and can hold 10 bag and boarded comics or 20 comics unbagged. You can find them online or maybe at your lcs.

Neat. I'll look into this. I always like to take comics to sign. I just got a ton signed at Calgary Expo last weekend. Incidentally, this is the first time I brought a telescopic art tube to a convention. I've been going to cons more and more and absolutely hate it when I get a poster, print, or piece of art and have no place to put it. Or worse, I would try to roll it up and store it safely in the backpack but it would always get crinkled. This has been a lifesaver and collapsed it even fit inside my backpack.

Also, if I am going to be far away in an auditorium it can be fun to carry a small pair of field glasses/binocs. At Calgary Expo, the only place this is really needed is in the Arena panels. Still, I suppose if you wanted to really see some cool costume up close, this would also be good for the costume contest there as well.

Camera, powerbars (food), water, well broken in/comfortable walking shoes. I also pay attention to the weather and if the con has a lot of stuff outdoors, ensure I bring either a hoodie, windbreaker or both.

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Got this on my pull list and loved it. Can't wait to read this all year!

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Once I heard one of my fave authors, Michael Alan Nelson was writing this book I instantly told my comic shop to start me at No. 20 for my pull list!

I've gone back thru the back issues to catch up and even slogged through the horrible H'el on Earth story arc that included the Supes and Superboy books too.

This is gonna be interesting seeing Nelson's trademark witty yet horrific style in this series. I still don't know how he's going to fit Cthulhu or Luci Jennifer Inagcio Das Neves in it :)

I am prepared! Looking so forward to it!

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I don't understand the hoopla here.  Superman was created by a Canadian and is an alien character.
If Superman was HQ'd in Arizona, the cops'd be asking for his papers and throwing him in jail every day... so... what's the big deal?

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Looking forward to getting a copy of BOOM!'s Elric Balance Lost

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It's DC's greed man.  WB is a partner/owner of DC and they can cut them a licensing deal  (how about some revenue sharing instead to get this done)?  DC is horrible at cross promotion.  Look at how much sales of Walking Dead, Scott Pilgrim and such do when there are multiple media platforms for a character/property.
DC wants all their money up front and doesn't look at the big picture, i.e. popularity of the property increases due to reaching a wider audience, etc.  
.. and they can't for the life of them wonder why they are always second best in popularity...  they aren't going to gain a younger following for their characters in just comic books!  That's why DC comic fans are mainly all old men... other than the bat stuff because the movies helped introduce a whole new fan base!

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 ARGH!  Now I am gonna have to spend TONS more cash!
Ya.  The Walking Dead... I've been a fan for years and he show is alright too now that it is out.  I started reading Y and liked it too.... I have to get around to finishing that series.
All the rest tho are now on my wish list.  Yes, Az.. even Lucifer.
My Addition would be Fall of Cthulhu... awesome read.

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@LightBright:   Still can't solve that Genesis Quest.  Argh.
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Yes!  More Walking Dead

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Kristy Swanson from... The Phantom of course!