Why The Tardis has an Avengers Mansion and a JL Watchtower

Possibly the most recognisable of Time Lord technology is the TARDIS, the ‘vehicle’ for traveling in space and time.

The inside of the TARDIS can be huge, some can even be city sized, and though this is limited be the amount of power that the TARDIS can generate. All TARDIS’s draw their power from a captured Black Hole, which can feed them unlimited power for an Infinite period of time.

Therefore, Shouldn't it have The Avengers Mansion, and a Justice League Watchtower if he ever needed it, and it had enough power?

The TARDIS’s strange ‘Tesseract’ ability of warping space-time to fit the outside over the inside means that it probably has one if he ever wanted one shouldn't it if it was capable of generating such power?


Well seeya next time on my space and time defying blog.

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