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How about Mysterio, Shocker, Deathstroke, Batman, and Green Goblin vs Punisher, Captain America, Daredevil, Multiple Man and Falcon?

Bloodlusted and in like, say one of these maps?

And Beck, right?

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The only reason they are doing it is to cop out, and that's the first sign of a crappy movie.
Him being black adds nothing to the character and only over complicates the back story. Say what you will, but people will start wondering "was he adopted?" and "is their dad black?" pretty much immediately after they are introduced, and that's time people will not be paying attention to the plot.

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@nickthedevil: Which ones are you interested in and who are you interested in using?

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Anyone interested in debating against the following characters?

Bullseye, Taskmaster, Captain America, Falcon, Daredevil, Multiple Man, Cassandra Cain, Barbara Gordon, Punisher, or Ant-man?

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The problem with a "Pick A Team Scenario" is that you are creating teams that of characters that only you know, and combinations of characters that plenty of people dislike, this creates a "lack luster" team member so to speak. You may know a lot about Deathstroke and Ravager, but what if you know nothing of or even hate Deadshot? See what I mean. I don't see why you using this style of tourney to improve debating, because if a user is going off of sololy what is on a respect thread, and has no knowledge of the character, then it's not debating and it'll cause problems.

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Thought inhibitor ray

Vibration bomb

Magnetic grabber


Captain Cold:


Freeze Gun

Kid Omega:

Leather jacket


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@kidman560: My biggest piece of advice is scans don't make the argument. They should be supplements. It's fun to use scans and stuff, but when it comes down to it, they aren't the most important piece. In CaV's they do help, but I didn't have scans for every single piece of evidence and I didn't let my whole debate revolve around them.


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I vote for @god_spawn.

I think that Kidman was really underrated here, his team in character stood a decent chance against god_spawn. I feel like there were a lot of times god_spawn relied on Remy's morals being his weakness, which Kidman could've argued that Remy would do it against Diamond Emma as her durability would allow here to tank it. It seemed like Kidman never really argued any point, he just posted his scans to better showcase his argument. More than half of the debate should be post, basic rebuttals and counters. god_spawn was able to post/point out your team's weaknesses, but you never really did. Honestly, if you don't know much about the character, look him up, find a weakness or a scan showing them getting their butt whooped, and ask about it. All in all, Kidman, I'd say, put in a bit more into your counters. You're proactive, but you need to be reactive as well.

All in all, really fun to read, I learned a lot more about all 4 characters.

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I can't them beating Ivy, and depending on the version of Harley, that'd be a struggle.

Then again, the mini-nuke is pretty crazy..