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Demons of the Past 0

After a bit of excitement in Star City and a shocking twist of the plot, where does the Emerald Archer lead us? Eeerm... right back into the forest. Okay. Well, let's see what happens this time around when he tries to save a dead man in the waters that saved his life... HOLY CRAP, BLACK LANTERNS CAME OUT!  This issue wasn't the greatest of the series, but it had a great fight, some great moments and a big cliffhanger for the next issue which, judging by the cover, is going to give me more of wha...

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Wildfire 0

Have another scoop of mystery? Green Arrow is still acclimating from that whole being dead thing when a giant green monster appears and starts trudging through the forest and attacks the tree of life, killing the forest all around. Green Arrow beats the crap out of it and it turns out to be the Martian Manhunter.  Their conversation seems pretty drive-by for something so heavily solicited on the cover.  One of the failings of the last issue was that it was 100% set in the forest. I get that the ...

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Who Dunnit? 0

Green Arrow is left near dead with an arrow lodged in his skull and his only hope is the mysterious power that lies within this forest. This issue seemed rather uneventful, but as part of the series, it does contribute some turning points in the story. It's just that I felt like it could be explained like this: Ollie got shot, Ollie lived, Ollie talked, to be continued. Not that it's a bad issue, it's just the weakest of the links in this nigh-unbreakable chain of a story.   This comic did have ...

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The Good Old Days 0

When I turned to the last page of #1, I suffered a massive nerdgasm and was in hospital for several days. The reuniting of Green Lantern and Green Arrow to kick some ass was too much for my little brain to take. In my humble opinion, GA and GL are one of the greatest comic book duos of all time (others including Blue Beetle and Booster Gold, Cable and Deadpool, Superman and Batman, etc.)   There's a lot of mystery in this forest as somehow, it disables technology, including Hal's ring! So he and...

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If it's Green, kill it 0

Green Arrow's new series starts off pretty damn well. Well enough that it was almost worth the outrageous price of $4.25 (almost). I think we all saw that awesome three page preview in Brightest Day and have been wetting ourselves ever since (at least me). This comic begins with those three pages which are somehow even more satisfying to read here. We see that the government has done very little for the people left homeless and starving by the attack on Star City, and what they did was just a ph...

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