Faces Only a Mother Coulld Love

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Posted by Mr.Q
except Walter's 'mother' didn't love him. considering at least one or two of them are shape shifters it may not be as much of a problem. with so many lists dedicated to the good guys and the bad guys it's good to see the ugly getting some respect. 
Posted by arrowfan237

What about Granny Goodness?

Posted by CaptainCockblock
@arrowfan237: An excellent point. I'll have to add him/ her (can you tell the difference?) whenever I get around to it.
Posted by Ultimate JSA

what about blue devil
Posted by TheDrifter
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Posted by bob agent of agency x

good list, pity some of the guys on it have mother issues 
P.S. Momma Dent only loves half of Two-Faces face
Posted by EganTheVile1