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I think Superman should be wearing underpants.
This X a billiondy
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This is kind of ridiculous. If they had a story where Barbara regained the ability to walk (remember, this is comic books) it would be awesome, but just "fixing" it is completely forced.  
"A new generation of people can experience Barbara Gordon as Batgirl" That statement is exactly what is wrong with this entire stupid reboot idea. this isn't a reboot for the sake of "new readers" (whoever they are) this is for all the middle aged comic book collectors who can't accept that a character is not "their" whoever. Who cares. Other people have enjoyed other characters. Wally West was shafted because of some desire to have some kind of nostalgia reinstated with a character that i, quite frankly, find pretty boring and has not really deserved to be THE Flash again. This is more of the same. This is the pinnacle of the Nu-Silver Age that has been building for the last few years. This is not progress, this is a cycle. No one has to experience Barbara Gordon as Batgirl because she's a thing of the past, stories continue and evolve, you don't just cut and paste. That's lazy. 
This is what happens when you put 1990's Marvel in charge of DC Comics. I have just about lost all faith in Jim Lee and maybe even Geoff Johns. It breaks my heart, I love comics, but this is just nonsensical, confusing and a lie. This isn't about attracting new readers (where exactly are they coming from?) this is about reinstating a continuity that has gone its course and improved back to a safety net. Comics are fun because they basically never stop. They're basically stopping every story and shifting it slightly. They effectively created a jumping off point, not a jumping on point. There are no new readers randomly walking into stores and running away from scary high numbered issues, they do not exist. Make movies, cartoons (DCU cartoon?), video games, anything to draw people into the main media, don't basically throw up a white flag and pretend you're fixing things, you're not. This is really sad. I would have preferred they went ahead with the Flashpoint world, at least it would be obviously that all would be returned, now i'm just not sure what is going on

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@Xenozoic Shaman said:
In this day and age, why does nationality even matter?  There are plenty of wonderful countries out there, and they're often ignored in the world of comics.  People complain about a lack of variety in comic books, then get upset when somebody emphasizes that they're global, and for all mankind.  What a terrible thing to declare...
I agree
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@Roninidas said:
I haven't picked up a single issue of DC Comics since his little Proclamation in Action Comics 900.   
I would that this is not the reason. If you don't like the stories, fine. But If you're refusing to buy anything because of some political statement than all you're doing if punishing yourself. No one got your message, DC hasn't "learned their lesson" and you're blaming the wrong people. Superman is not a real person, he didn't "decide" to revoke his citizenship. If you want to be mad at someone, be mad at Goyer for writing the thing. I think a lot has been said over one silly little story that is most likely not even in continuity and will never be talked about again. As stupid as it is to create such a big deal out of something so small, I do find Goyer's need for such a statement to be a little ridiculous and DC's inclusion of it in such a big issue to be kind of dumb. We're celebrating 900 issues of Action Comics, how does superman revoking his citizenship celebrate that, continuity or not? It should have been left on the cutting room floor. All in all though, it isn't that big of a deal and if you like comics, read them for yourself, don't shut yourself out of entertainment just to "stick it to the man" because they don't care.
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I don't buy into the whole big numbers scare people off narrative. If someone wanted to read Superman or whoever, they would. A new #1 every few years is not going to get a whole mess of people to finally get interested. I started reading comics in the middle of Infinite Crisis (05-06) and what attracted me was the endless stories and the interconnecting universe that never seemed to end. Yes it was a lot to take in, but I did my research. That means I used the internet and I wasn't confused after awhile. I started with Crisis on Infinite Earths and made my way through, making sure I read the first trade of a book first. A little research goes a long way.

I have also been to stores with friends who dont read comics, they seemed to just pick up whatever looked cool, issue number be damned. They were probably a little confused but I think the problem was that it was in the middle of a story, not that it wasn't a #1. I think comics should start advertising storylines on their covers. Superman #900, but here's the start of a new story and if you like it there are 4 more parts to get. 

Anyway, if Flashpoint is the beginning of an "Ultimate" DC line, awesome, but making these characters the main universe would just be confusing. "I know who Superman is, but who the heck is this?" This is not a new beginning, this is more additions to a longer story because to understand Flashpoint, like any alternate universe, you need to have knowledge of the original universe to really understand the weight of the story and the changes to the character. It's not like the Flashpoint universe is the Wildstorm universe or a completely unconnected world of characters, it is simply a darker version of the "real" characters. 

If DC has any sense they could build this out to be a new line of books, but not replace the old ones. Lets face it, 90% of comic book readers are the loyal nerds who know the ins and outs of continuity (myself included) this whole "every day person" thing is such a small part of the market that they are nearly none existent. Bring in new readers with tv shows, movies and cartoons, not slapping the majority of your readership in the face for the sake of some made up statistic the business uses to explain why people just don't read as much as they used to. That being said, I am excited for Flashpoint and I think the ending of storylines in August is just part of the gimmick.
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...Or they'll just be reports/criminals other citizens. Creeper is not a villain and i'd rather them not do that. A cameo would be cool a la Zsasz in Btman Begins though