SO After much delay I finally Saw the Dark knight Rises....

Ok so I just left the theater after seeing the third aand final installment of the Dark Knight Trilogy by Christopher Nolan. I have been dying to see it but as in comics, things happen(money issues). First off I was on a total DKR blackout from the moment I heard about the movie, I saw nothing, no pictures, no previews and no blogs. I was the guy in the theater with his fingers in his ears humming the Theme to Indiana Jones during the trailers at Avengers and Amazing Spiderman. I avoided all my favorite comic and nerd sites and have been on a facebook blackout since the day of the premier. So here.. we..go:

I am going to start with the positive: Ann Hathaway was outstanding as Catwoman. From the very beginning she brought to life the characters style and spunk with sleek sexiness and grace. She was witty, charming and in a catsuit, and should give Scarlet Johanson a run for her money as best supporting actor in tight leather.

Ok sorry my mind is blocking the good so bear with me for some bad. Bane was a severe disappointment! Darth bane and his respirator of doom... seriously Nolan What happened did you get so tired of the franchise you figured if you wrecked it enough on the third one all the little nerds would go away? And Chris where is the venom? you mean to tell me that bane, as a slightly large man destroys the bat when he is just some guy who was SAVED from the prison and trained by Ra's and his evil league of evil? Talia now she should have been the one beating batman because apparently she is the only one around who is determined enough to do anything. And Banes voice he sounded like some wise old man who might help you identify items in a village in a video game or maybe an evil old mastermind, but not a Columbian Bat-slayer. However I have to quickly thank you CN for doing us all a favor and killing Talia before she could give birth to the wretched little devil spawn Damion, the worst of all the robins.

There is so much more to say.. Some of the characters remain great such as Jim Gordon, who is in my opinion the truest to the original character. Alfred is still portrayed well by Michael Cane. Morgan freeman as Fox is still one of the best parts of this trilogy.

And so that is all I can bear to say now; however Thank you CN for your time and effort bringing another great look to the Bat mythos and Bat Cinema. And CN I respect your work and this is just the rambling opinion of a very large nerd, but I have 4 words for you : Dont F%#$ up Superman!

Stay nerdy my Friends!

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