News Tab... some other stuff.

Given the amount of previews that G-Man has been able to put together we figured it was about time the vine launched a dedicated news section to the site. Now, we're not as connected as everyone else, but we'll do our best to aggregate all the previews, news and rumors that float around in the comic world.

If you're a publisher that would like to see your previews up, or if you're just a fan with a scoop send a PM to G-Man or I and we'll get it linked up right.

To fit it in the top nav we did drop Blogs from the top nav, which was our lowest performing tab. No worries, those who love the page can still find it within your profiles in the the friends blog area, where I added a link to "Find other Blogs".

We also made some tweaks to the comment engine as well as changed the rollover popups in the big comic issue list so if you notice any bugs please let us know.

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New Marvel Ultimate Alliance Chars!

I'll have to get my copy of Marvel Ultimate Alliance back from Red LAMP.

Joystiq reports...

Split between heroes and villains, 500 Microsoft Points can net you a pack of either (Behold!) Cyclops, Nightcrawler, Hawkeye and The Incredible Hulk, or Venom, Magneto, Sabertooth and Doctor Doom. Alternatively, you can get all 10 new characters together for 800 Microsoft Points. Hey, isn't Hulk sporting something ridiculous like a 200 power rating these days in Marvel? Dude can lift entire mountains and now you have to level him up to smash some tiny robots? So not cool.


New Features to Comicvine

Well, we pretty much relaunched the entire "my vine" area. LAMP and I were never happy with it so we took a stab at it afterhours over the past week. Here's the list of new stuff.

  1. Err, complete redesign. Alignment specific colors will return shortly.

  2. We now have user comments. They must be approved or denied before going live.

  3. Your last 3 inbox messages show up in your main page.

  4. We added the ability to see your top contributions and point splits. Now you can see what everyone else submits to.

  5. We added pull lists. You can now add volumes to your pull list from the issue and volume pages.

  6. We rebuilt the friends system. You now have to approve friends and enemies. PMs and emails go out anytime someone wants to be your bud.

  7. We added a watched blog section to the myvine area so you can view your buds blogs.

  8. We added sorts by release week to the "new comics" area.

  9. You can now view lists of characters by origin (i.e. all alien characters) and gender.

We're still working out some kicks and have to speed up some pages, but it seems to be running ok. Give a yell if you notice anything acting funny. Oh and if this update wasn't enough for you you can always try to win the "ComicVine is at War" contest where the winner not only gets some cash, but gets to pick the next feature we launch on ComicVine. Enjoy.

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Battle Fixes...

We fooled a little bit with the power battle pages. You'll notice the following changes.

  1. Squared off chars now fight over all powers they share, as opposed to just the one that was selected.

  2. You can now skip battles.

  3. You can now battle directly from the powers page.

  4. You can now see power rankings for user submitted powers. Just click "unofficial powers" on the powers page.

  5. Re removed dupe power names.

  6. Battles should now happen with more revelant characters for the selected base power instead of somewhat randomly or for only one guy...batman..etc.

  7. Battles now correctly work in IE.

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Gamespot love...

Red LAMP and I used to work at gamespot and they just launched this feature to allow you to post your emblems on other sites. Hopefully it'll show up here.


Contest Winners

Drumroll please....

And the winner of the Comic Vine winter costest is... well actually the winners are... ScoodleDaddle for Booster Gold and Buckshot for Mr. Majestic. Both enteries were amazing and it was simply too hard for us to pick between Scoodle and Buckshot's awesome pages. Not only that, both continued to contribute to other parts of the site filling in chunks of the site while the contest was up.

This turned out better then we could have hoped and so we figured it wouldn't be a big deal to just send out two hellboy's instead of one! Scoodle and Buckshot, please PM me with a mailing address and we'll get the prizes out to you as quickly as possible. Other great pages included valinorbob for Beta Ray Bill and Raif for Wiccan. Valinorbob should get a special note for introducing the image box styles early on that everyone else seems to have adopted. In any case, congrats to the winners. For everyone else we'll be announcing a new contest by next week so that everyone else gets a shot. If you have any ideas for one, please post below. Thanks for everyone who entered.