Character Page preview

The audio sync on this video is lagging by about 10 secs, but here's a quick little preview of the character pages. I'll try and do a video on a different section every couple days till we get the site up. If you notice some bugs (like why superman has a rank of 0) just ignore them for the moment. We're still working on stuff. Enjoy!


Happy Birthday Comic Vine!

Comic Vine is one year old this week. Sniffle.

I just wanted to stop by and thank everyone for being part of this site and helping us grow. What started out as a last ditch effort from a couple comic loving, ex-cubicle workers (and one full-time teacher) trying to make it on their own turned into the little site that could.

It's grown not because of us, but because we have a crazy, quirky and fanatical group of comic lovers that adopted Comic Vine as their home. You've decided to evangelize the site and contribute not only your opinions, but your knowledge and time to making the site better. We can't thank you enough.

The only real way we can really repay you is to improve the toolset and add the features you guys have been asking for. It's gonna take us a couple months to build them all in, but we are committed to working on nothing but rebuilding the Vine till it gets done.

Happy 1 year Comic Vine.

Keep your ideas in this thread only please.


Dusting off the cape in 2008

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I've been informed that Red LAMP was spotted colluding with G-Man recently about bringing the Vine under his maniacally control. This leaves me no choice but to dust off the cape and return to the Vine full-time to stop this from evil from spreading. Good will prevail.

January 2008 - Captain Cascader strikes back.

The war begins anew and the Vine itself will strengthen. New heroes will emerge to fight Red Lamp.

Begin thinking about feature requests, the mods will collect them in December.

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Busy busy times...

Got a PM today asking about where I've been the last month or so. Good question! As I've mentioned in a couple previous blogs Comic Vine doesn't really make any money. I'm sure it could, we do get a decent amount of traffic these days, but LAMP and I are engineers first and foremost and like to concentrate on building sites above all else.

So right now we're building a new site that does pay our bills, because, hey... I gotta eat. Have no fret though, we're almost done with it and will be back on Comic Vine with some awesome new features and such before the year is out. I'm sorry I haven't been chilling on the boards as much lately, but I tend to get a little obsessive about things when I'm building a new site and it kind of consumes me.

Hope everyones doing well and enjoying this summer's comics. As some of you know I only buy trades these days so I just got through most of Civil War. I actually liked it a lot and was pretty good for a giant story arc. Most of the time things like that can get a little over the top and confusing but it was definitely an easy read with some good character development.


Facebook, Movies this weekend?

I'm on Facebook now. Feel free to send a buddy request. Just search for Dave Snider. There's even a comicvine group already started over there.

Is anyone checking out the new Pixar flick or Die Hard? I'll prolly try and see both over the weekend. Suprisingly I'm more excited for Ratatoille as I think a Die Hard movie with a PG-13 rating is somewhat of an oxymoron. Oh well, only one week till transformers.

On a side note, my friend sells showers and just launched a website at Wasauna Steam Showers and Bathtubs. I myself have no use for such princely wares, but some of you rich cats may find yourself needed a steam shower after your game of polo. Looks no further.


Comic Vine... this is your life

The very first mock I did for Comic Vine, circa September 2006. I can remember being really excited about it when I first mocked it up. It's amazing how far you can come in less then a year.

Just though everyone might like to feel nostalgic with me.


FF2 - As bad as the first (no spoilers)

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Yikes. Now before I start this review know that I walked out of the theater during the first Fantastic Four movie, so if you liked that one, you'll probably dig this one. If you're a movie or comic movie snob like me you'll hate this one for all the same reasons. Here's the quick check list.

  1. Jessica Alba is a hooorible actress. Her usual crutch of being hot is offset by the fact that she has no business sporting blond hair. This causes you to not ogle and just makes you sit there and wince anytime she delivers a line.

  2. Galactus is beyond lame. As dorky as the comic Galactus ever was in his purp and blue jumpsuit (think Infinity Wars or something) sitting in that giant chair, their re-imagining of the character is agian.... "beyond lame".

  3. For a guy who is so smart, Mr. Fantastic spits out some of the worst, most made up "technology" this side of Swordfish. Sure I get it, this is a comic movie, it's supposed to be cooky, but this stuff is a little too much.

  4. "Hemi? -- Of course." This line will turn the most sugar fixed kid jaded on the movie industry.

  5. I'm not even bothering to comment on plot or dialog. It's as bad as the first.

  6. There's about 10 other things that were horrible that I can't talk about until people have seen it. They deal with plot points.

The Positives?

Johnny and Thing are well done again. They get all the best lines and seem the closest to their comic roots. Micheal Chitlis (sp?) however is way too good an actor to be doing just Fantastic Four. This guy could be a breakout action star if someone gave him a chance.

Silver Surfer looks great and I didn't really expect that. He's still too silly to accept as something outside of a comic book (even a movie char), but I can live with it. However, he's a pretty damned boring guy in the movie.


Purple and Brown

These are the best shorts I've seen since Homestar Runner. Figured I'd share for all the big kids out there that still get a kick out of claymation.


Thumbs down for Spider-Man 3

The comicvine "office" took Friday off to check out the new Spider-Man movie on an IMAX screen. While the film looked great I have to say I'm a little disappointed with it after Spider-Man 2.

First off know that I'm a total movie snob. I dabbled in film school before settling down into web work and generally take movies a little too seriously. I guess I just expected a little more out of number 3 given the villans and the fact that this was billed as the closer to a trilogy of films.

So what didn't I like?

  1. Venom came off lame. He looked silly (which I expected) and wasn't really very menacing.

  2. Thomas Hayden Church was awesome as Sandman, but his CGI counterpart was just too much. The King Kong feel of the ending was just silly for me.

  3. It was too emotional. Hey, I like plot and feelings in comics as much as the next guy. There's times when it can actually define a character (the original Superman flick) and then there are times when it's forced. The whole triangle of weepyness between Goblin, Spidey and Mary Jane was just too much.

When it comes down to it, any comic movie (or action movie for that matter) is only as good as its villian(s). Spider-Man 2 was awesome because Doc-Oc was awesome and believable. The X-Men movies work because Ian McKellen is awesome. Spider-Man 3 didn't work because Venom didn't transfer to the screen and Sandman was one-dimensional and bloated on the special effects end.

However, that's not to say it wasn't entertaining. I had fun while it lasted and although I doubt I'd ever buy the DVD, they could have done much worse. Bruce Campbell was worth the admission price alone.