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Bearer of Top Cow's Glacier Stone

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Help Me To Understand The Wielder of Top Cow's Blood Sword

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@bullpr said:

@Captain13: Just to be sure (I'm an old schmuck after all): you wrote that because people are supposed to go out on a Friday night?

Yeah, so Friday night time slots are traditionally bad in comparison to other nights. Friday night is usually where shows go to die.

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It has a Friday night time slot--that's all you need to know.

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@rustyroy said:

Why would anyone complain about that? I like him because of that.

Because people use that as a complaint against Superman, but not Flash.

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X-Men Legends and Ultimate X-Men got me into comics.

I love Ultimates 1 & 2, Ultimate Fantastic Four 1-18, and all of Ultimate Spider-man.

The Ultimate Galactus Trilogy was cool.

Miles Morales is epic.

The end of the Ultimate Universe would be a sad day.

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Cool scene, but it doesn't give me a feel for the character or the story.

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@shango_1king said:

@thatguywithheadphones said:

Ah, a stoic black character. Cool, put him next to the others.

like who? can you name a few

Cyborg, Steel, Black Panther, Nick Fury (usually), Alex Wilder, Prodigy, Kaldur'ahm, Black Manta, current Luke Cage (wish he were more like his Power Man iteration), War Machine, movie Heimdall, Mr. Terrific, Storm, and probably several more.

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@lurkero said:

I hope the Avengers manage to find the time to fight Ultron during all that. I'm assuming the trailer is avoiding showing that good stuff, though.

@jacthripper said:

@meatwadf: They didn't level the city and more importantly they didn't show civilians getting killed, they had hulk run through an office building without any casualties. MoS had that gravity thing slamming people like a meat grinder.

It would be a really boring alien invasion if there were no casualties. So because Avengers didn't SHOW the effect of their alien invasion that makes it better? If anything Man of Steel made the alien invasion seem realistic an impacting. You are trying to make it seem like Man of Steel covered the screen in blood. It didn't.

My favorite part was when Clark made out with an acquaintance over thousands of smoldering dead bodies before transitioning to a happy ending.

At least the Avengers had the decency to acknowledge the casualties with their wall, and saved the goofy stuff for post credits.

Also, MoS had 9/11 realism that disturbed me while Avengers was more cartoony. Heck, most of NY was en tact while Metropolis was pretty much wiped off the map.

Finally, Jor-El tells Clark that he can save everyone and Clark is constantly compared to Jesus who saved everyone, yet he fails at saving everyone and doesn't seem to care about their deaths--so much so that he makes out with an acquaintance on top of thousands of dead bodies while he can probably hear people gasping their last breaths.

Superman is my 2nd favorite superhero btw.