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Good fight! I think Stewart would win through strength and tactical ingenuity, but this would be fun to watch regardless. :)

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I noticed this during Season 1, which is why I stopped watching--that and the wooden acting. As far as I'm concerned, this is the best Green Arrow adaptation we've gotten:

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I'm guessing Zor-El and Allura.

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Did you know that John Stewart got a badass new origin in Secret Origins #9? If you missed it, then let me show you why it's so dang awesome. :D

Secret Origins #9

The story opens with the Guardians of the Universe discussing John's history. They start by examining John during his teenage years, while he engages in peaceful social protest alongside his mother Shirley Stewart, a social activist. The two manage to keep their cool despite the violent tactics used by the police.

This scene is meant to establish that John is willing to stand up to authority, that John is socially conscious, and that John is committed to nonviolent, direct action. It's also a callback to John's original introduction.

The Guardians then examine John's experience in the United States Marines.

As you can see in the panels above, John joins the Marine Corps to serve his country, to see the world, and to pay for college. John excels in military life, becoming a sniper. He eventually receives an honorable discharge despite being court marshaled for disobeying orders and standing up to his superior officer, who was willing to put innocent lives at risk.* Some of the Guardians worry that if John is selected for the Green Lantern Corps, he will be too emotional or too quick to challenge authority. This scene is meant to establish John's commitment to saving life and willingness to stand up to authority.

*Note - This story is more fleshed out in Green Lantern Corps #25, which is set during the Batman: Zero Year event.

The Guardians then turn to John's life as an architect. As in his military career, John excels. Carol Ferris hires him to build Ferris Air from the ground up, which is a callback to a 1980s story in which John helped to rebuild Ferris Air.

The Guardians of the Universe are deeply intrigued by John's status as both a "destroyer and builder," which is a callback to Green Lantern Mosaic #17--further discussed below. The Guardians unanimously agree that John should be selected for service in the Green Lantern Corps, which establishes that John wasn't chosen just because he is close by. The Guardians believe that the Corps needs John.

Of course nothing comes easy, and the Guardians decide to test John before admitting him into the Green Lantern Corps. They do so by sending a Manhunter to attack him at Ferris Air.

John stands up to the Manhunter to save Carol Ferris, even though doing so puts him in considerable danger. It's worth noting that in the midst of all this, John retains his sense of humor.

As a result of his heroic deed, John is rewarded with a Green Lantern power ring that seemingly appears out of nowhere. The Guardians' interest in John and the absence of any other Green Lanterns indicates that John was never a back up Green Lantern in the current continuity.

After battling the Manhunter across Ferris Air despite having no formal training, John exploits the Manhunter's weakness with his clever thinking to pull off a win--a recurring theme with the character.

John is then summoned to Oa for training under Kilowog's tutelage and to meet the Guardians personally. The Guardians tell John why he was chosen above all others.

Behind closed doors, the Guardians discuss their optimism about John but they remain worried that he will challenge them. The Guardians resolve to keep their involvement in John's origin secret.

I would definitely recommend picking up Secret Origins #9 to see the parts of John's origin that I glossed over. I really enjoyed the John Stewart segment in the issue, and I would love to see it expanded on--which brings us to Green Lantern Mosaic #17.


Green Lantern Mosaic #17

In this issue, Hal Jordan discovers that John's birth was prophesied by the Malthusians--the race from which the Guardians of the Universe sprouted. The Guardians--and many others--believe that John Stewart is the "Opener of Doors," a legendary hero destined to guide the universe toward a brighter future.

The parallels between this story and John's current origin are immediately apparent. And, in a property so heavily entrenched in prophecies like the War of Light and the Blackest Night, it's great to see that the prophesy surrounding John's birth is being expounded upon. I can't wait to see where things go from here!


For more on why John Stewart is awesome, check out my comparative analysis of John Stewart and Jon Snow. (Note that there are spoilers.)

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Some people don't seem to get that this was made for laughs...

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The fact that this was played straight-faced makes this insanely hilarious.

Love adrenaline junkie Zack.

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Also, it would be cool if you cosplayed as Falcon. It's a great honor that people of others races would wan to dress up as him.