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Justice League: Gods and Monsters--featuring the return of Bruce Timm in some capacity.

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Bruce Timm has nothing to do with this movie and Batman vs Robin is NOT based on Court of Owls,James Tucker just confirmed.

True. Thank you for the update. While Liu is directing and Burnett is writing, Timm's unrevealed involvement makes me think this film could be set in the DCAU. I mean, Tucker did confirm Timm was involved in some capacity, but could not say which capacity.

Tucker also said WB Animation would release 3 DTV films a year, two in their continuity and one not. Throne of Atlantis and Batman vs Robin are in their new continuity, so whatever Timm is doing is not. That is good news in and of itself. The rest is conjecture.

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@captain13: he was into her, but after the pig episode whe he tells her that he can't protect her(like he would need to?) it was a one dimensional, she wants him, but he's too cool for her.

Everything you posted happened pre-piggy episode, where Bruce basically told her no and she had to prove her worth.

Anyway, outside of beating Superman, name one fight Diana won in JL? She was nerfed, she never had a character moment like Superman's world made of cardboard or Batman.

I don't like Bruce Timm on JL because he doesn't deny his love for Batman, which is fine, he can do the Batman movies, but JL is supposed to showcase all 7.

I'm not trying to convince you to like Timm, but--

Weird Western Tales took place after This Little Piggy, which is the episode featuring the Batman and GL clip above. Taking that into consideration, the romance storyline was probably dropped because Batman Beyond indicated the two did not end up together and because it didn't service the Cadmus Storyline, which ends with Bruce not sharing his life with anyone and Waller having to rewrite Warren McGinnis's genetic code in response. Both characters moved on as friends but had a great dynamic while they were flirting. It's not like Wonder Woman cried over it. In sum, previously established continuity is all that kept them apart--not that it matters to me since I don't think the Trinity should ever move past flirtation. I like my IPs pure. I imagine Superman will leave Wonder Woman at some point to be with Lois, so I don't understand why that's a superior relationship. I'm slow though. :-P

Wonder Woman was portrayed as Batman-level in fighting skill and Superman-level in Strength. Diana not only beat Superman, she beat Aquaman, Hades, Fury, Cheetah, all of the other Justice League Women, Giganta, and countless others. She was consistently portrayed as a powerhouse.

Everyone has their favorite characters--I mean look at you--but Bruce Timm used John Stewart on the show more than any other character. He deliberately used Batman and Superman less than the other characters since they had their own shows. He spotlighted Z-list characters and made them likable. He gave Wonder Woman a dad before Azzarello did. He had her supporting characters featured prominently--Hades, Ares, Steve Trevor, Hippolyta, Felix Faust, etc. He addressed her cultural adjustments. He covered her origin. He made her an ambassador on several occasions. I could go on and on. He made Flash the heart and soul of the team--and the team's most popular member. He gave J'onn the most important functions on the team. He made Hawkgirl a major catalyst for change, a major badass, and the only member of the team willing to take a life to save other people. Just because the final fight prominently featured DC's most popular characters--the ones Timm built his universe on--doesn't mean he didn't give lots of love to the other founders or to B-listers like Green Arrow/Black Canary/Supergirl or C-listers like Question/Shining Knight/Vigilante or to villains. Heck season 2 of JLU was supposed to be the last one, so there almost wasn't even a world of cardboard speech--just Flash saving the world.

Just because Wonder Woman didn't have a world of cardboard speech doesn't mean she wasn't treated well or didn't have plenty of crowning moments of awesome--especially considering all of the episodes focused on her, her background, and her close friendships with Wally, J'onn, and Shayera.

I don't care if you don't like Timm. I really don't. But I wanted to take a second to correct the information you put out there.

Happy posting.

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@rustyroy said:

@dianaxkal said:

@trebean: More because he had her chase after him and Batman never gave her the light of day.

Can you mention any scenes where she does that? I can only remember one scene at the start of Little Piggy.

No, because I'd have to research it, and I don't like the ship, the show, or Bruce Timm.

He seems pretty into her to me. : /

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@justthatkid: Correct. I think someine just decided it sounds cool. The gods may be the New Gods, the Pantheon, Despero, or something else

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@justthatkid: The OP says it's not based on that story

I am happy to see so many of you as happy as I an. DC animation dipped dramatically after Timm left, IMO, so it will be great having a chance to buy something i want, lol

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Superman as charismatic leader/PR guy/strategist.

Batman as tactician.

Wonder Woman as political ambassador.

Flash as the heart of the team.

Green Lantern as the trainer of new recruits.

Martian Manhunter as psychological counselor.

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Justice League: Gods and Monsters" features an original story by Timm, and isn't related to the 2001 comic "JLA: Gods and Monsters" by Dan Jolley and Josh Krach. ...

No other details were provided for ... "Justice League: Gods and Monsters."


I can't help but hope that Justice League: Gods and Monsters is set in the DCAU and reunites Kevin Conroy and the rest of the gang.

WB did say that one of the three films they release each year is out of continuity from the other films, so maybe this will be!

"Moving ahead, the plan is to release three DC Animated movies each year. Two will be in this continuity and the third will be standalone."

After all, Throne of Atlantis and Batman vs Robin, both also set for 2015 release dates, seem like they should be in continuity...



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The Dark Knight

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I wish they would have gone with the classic costume. And I have no thoughts on how her physical build could be negative. But that face... Damn is she unattractive!

But then again, I have never seen an attractive Israeli. Heck, they even hire Brazilians to play them on TV! The WW sketch by David Finch, on the other hand was gorgeous, but this is who they choose to play the same character in a movie!??

And before anyone accuses me of racism, let me point out- Israeli is not a race, it's a nationality. And I'm just expressing an observation made about people with that nationality. And in no way am I talking about Jews. I'm sure there are very attractive Jews, this observation is limited to the Israeli nationality. Nor am I talking about a certain ethnic group of people. The whole concept of Israel as a country was a concession given to the Jews after WWI (to give them custodianship of the Holy Land) after which Jews from the world over settled the land. And in my honest opinion this was probably a huge mistake because if this had never happened we wouldn't have so much turmoil in the Middle East currently, not to mention in the future or the past several decades.

With all that said, I really enjoyed Man of Steel, so hopefully I can still enjoy this movie despite the presence of the ugly Wonder Woman.

Bar Rafaeli?