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@the_comebacks: Yes, and that's what bugs me (I'm okay with changing how it looks - but get consistent with Iris too!!!), but personality wise from what we see here DC has created just another insufferable New 52 character. Basically he's been put through the same a-hole filter DC decided to use on Billy Batson.

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I understand the idea behind changing Wally's race (even if I could have done without making him an obnoxious street kid prick just like the New 52 Billy Batson), but did anyone else feel that the inconsistent art made it incredibly hard to figure out if they were trying to suggest the same thing with Iris. In some panels she looks like the white woman we've seen before, but in others her hair is much darker and her skin is shaded in a way suggesting DC may want to retcon her as well (to match the new TV show perhaps?). If that's what you want to do then own it DC. Instead I'm completely confused.

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Are there special rules for adding a variant cover to an existing comic page?

I edited a page and uploaded a variant cover for a comic because no one else had gotten around to it and got a moderator response to "Please don't repeat data" even though that issue still doesn't show the variant cover. I tried to respond directly to that email but it was bounced and don't know who exactly the moderator was to ask them directly for clarification.

Anybody else have a similar issue? Please let me know if I've done something wrong and there are special rules about adding a variant cover that I'm unaware of. Thanks!