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@bumpyboo said:

Awwwww! That is beyond precious.

I mean - oh no, don't be so convincingly evil, man, you're scaring me!


That's just assaulting my manhood.

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@bumpyboo said:
@blueecho said:

I don't interact with the community here all that much (I like the wiki better), but this thread seems to contain most of the reasonable people on the site. The rest seem to be very polarized in terms of their outlook towards women, gay people, socialism, etc. So I guess my question is why is it that this thread is so peaceful and that the rest of the site is not?

Most of the users posting in here are my friends - and fortunately, the ones I have made here tend to be pretty open minded, well meaning, thoughtful people. So you have them to thank for that, really :)



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@capfanboy: I'm not saying sexism don't exist, but don't it go both ways?

And I wasn't being sarcastic when I said "female bias". There's some users on this site that clearly show it...

It certainly does go both ways, I was really just asking for examples on the female bias part.

The sarcasm note was really just to check if you were being genuine or a self described feminist using sarcasm. Kinda hard to tell without it being read aloud by the person saying it.

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Sexism? Ha!

Female bias is a better question to ask.

Female bias? How so?

On several occasions I've seen instances of sexism which are blatantly creepy. I don't recall much female bias, and I've been on this site for too many years already.

Unless this was sarcasm, I look forward to a response

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@bumpyboo said:

I accidentally threw a local disabled kid into a river, still in his wheelchair and everything. Damn near keeled over with guilt on the spot, it was one of the most frightening days of my life O_O

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@revamp said:

@capfanboy: T'would pain me too.

I'm so happy you're back. *cries heterosexual tears*

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@revamp said:

@capfanboy: Is it still the "new" site lol. But yeah I hate it but y'know, whatever.

I refuse to accept it as just "the site". It pains me to do so.

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@revamp said:


For some reason I'm not getting notified of your responses. Is that a usual thing in the site? (I really have been away for so long)

AS for the Wu:

Yeah it came out recently.

New layout is buggy as f--k. Site sucks now, man. Has for a while. Wish it returned to the old layout but them's the breaks.

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@capfanboy said:

I meant the "breaking it down in your head, understanding greatness" thing. I honestly didn't think much of him the first time I heard him but then that "don't buy it, pirate me" line just floated through my head one day and I got it. Granted, this time I was sober.

It's a nice album, though I personally prefer The Old Prince.

Oh, fair enough. He's stylistically easier to understand, but yeah he's pretty good. I'm scared that I'll listen to another of his albums and won't like it nearly as much, but I'll give that one a listen then.

Do it, the title track is great.

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@capfanboy said:

@revamp said:

I like it man. Not typical Preem, but its good. Royce came through in general.

I only heard like three tracks from the (Wu-Tang) album, didn't think they were too bad? Is it that bad?

Sweet, I'll check it out.

I'm not sure about anyone else, but I hated it. Complete and utter disdain for it. I guess the run through of all my favourite Wu Tang tracks before I unwrapped it contributed to the disappointment.

Well, yes, that never actually does help. Not when you're listening to some stuff that's pretty hard to top by the same MCs.

There were a few mediocre tracks in my favourite's too.....I'll listen to it again some day with an open mind.

@_slim_ said:

Dam didn't even know the Wu had a cd out. I aint heard sht about it.

Did it just come out recently?

Last month, Dec 2nd. It's called a better tomorrow.