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Summers Bros full powered.  If you don't know about Vulcan check him out, he is a beast.  And yes I know Scott will probably trip and knock himself out at the beginning of the fight.  Thanos at full power minus IG.  No preparation.  Takes place in Cleveland since nobody will miss it once it is destroyed.  For fun, Crimson Centipede runs to Thanos aid, could tip the balance.





































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Hank Pym.  The man is underrated.
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Does the anyone think the higher the power level the harder it might be to win over the modern fan, or is that a myth?  I myself think that it is the character, the writing, and the art, not the power but I know some people that say they relate to the more "street level" heroes better.

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And the biggest problem with DC...  They did this




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All good points.  Even though I said I wouldn't talk about sentry I will (I am a liar).  He has Superman-esque power and I thought he ruined a lot of stories because all you could do was wait for him to show up, rip some unsuspecting soul in half and leave.  Marvel's superbadasses all have reasons why they don't show up to ruin evil's day:  Thor is in Asgard or pouting, Hulk is out of control and wants to be left alone, and Sentry is a douchebag.


When reading the "weaker characters" such as the ones Deranged Midget mentioned you always have to wonder "Where is Superman-Wonder Woman-Martian Manhunter-Flash-Green Lantern-Supergirl-Spectre-etc.  There should be no problems on earth except when some cosmic powerhouse rolls through the universe and finds earth.

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I agree that both have powerful and weaker characters.  It just seems that almost all of the most famous DC characters are pretty much Superman level except Batman.  Marvel has more famous weaker characters like Spiderman, Captain America, Iron Man, X-men (minus a couple of real badasses) who are more successful.  Anyway, point taken.
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Let m start out by saying I am a DC fan and if this has been discussed before I apologize. 


When comparing popular DC heroes and Marvel heroes it seems like DC heroes are so powerful that many of their tough battles don't seem as interesting as Marvel characters.  Obviously Superman is the best example of massively powered to the point where you are always wondering when he will take the gloves off and end the fight.  And almost at his level are a laundry list: Wonder Woman, Captain Marvel, Black Adam (in his hero days), Martian Manhunter, Superboy, Supergirl, etc.  Green Lantern's ring can do whatever he has the willpower and imagination to make so you always end up wondering "Why didn't he just...?"  Even the Flash could pretty much move to fast for anyone to react and phase a fist throught their head.


On the Marvel side you do have your Thor and Hulk (There will be no discussion of Sentry here) but many of the popular figures are believable when they are in trouble.  Captain America just has a shield.  Spider-man is much weaker than many of his enemies.  Wolverine and other X-men all have  many weaknesses so their teams are a matter of survival.  In the end Iron Man is a guy in a metal suit.


As I said, I love these DC characters but let me know if you agree.  Tell me if you see any flaws in my thought.

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Where are the T-shirts?

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I'm going with data.  His positronic net would crush Spock's Vulcan mind.