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I give it to the group for Sidious alone. I get it that he is badass but Dooku is one of the best duelers in the galaxy, backed up by a crew all of whom have proven they can kill Jedi knights, in some cases Jedi masters. Sidious is awesome but there is a reason he doesn't just roll on mobs of Jedi every day. He knows that as a solo act he has to be a master manipulator. Add Vader to the mix and he has a decent chance of winning.

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I think they did the right thing trying to amp his stats up in new 52. He is a great villain but with his previous abilities it did seem to make some of his feats seem a bit contrived. The aforementioned Identity Crisis is the best example. How did it take Zatana so long to say one word? Why did Green Lantern try to punch him instead of using a construct? I think he makes a better villain against guys like Batman.

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Gordon-Levitt is in every movie these days. What's up with that?

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My favorite death was for one character I really didn't want to die. Blue Beetle. The aftermath and its impact on Booster Gold was for my money the most heartbreaking in comics.

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Under that circumstances I'll go with Doom.

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Darkseid probably, maybe Supes.

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@IZZR said:

Captain Atom solo's

You stop that right now.

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Well, Marvel's Zeus agreed not to use powers and stomped a mudhole in Hulk using just his fists. I believe he is supposed to be just under Odin in terms of power. With all of his powers I imagine the League would have a hard time. Most of these leaguers would die within seconds. Lanterns, Kryptonians, WW, and Captain Marvel might survive the first strike. An army of Lanterns got pimp slapped by Superboy Prime so I expect Zeus would obliterate them fairly quickly too. I also wonder if the magical nature of Marvel, WW, and Fate would be any match for someone at Zeus' level, I doubt it. I just don't think that the Leaguers could hurt him fast enough to make it through this. Of course writers can do anything.

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@Deranged Midget: I wasn't asking who HAS lifted Thor, just who people thought could pull it off.

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Trying to make a list of characters in the Marvel universe who could lift Mjolnir and why. Obvious candidates would be Thor and Odin, but surely there are beings who would be able to do it. Any ideas?