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Manifest Destiny is a sure-fire hit for history buffs and horror lovers alike. 0

If you’re a sucker for historical fiction, ghouls, and goblins, then you’ve come to the right place.The premise of Manifest Destiny is simple enough: the secret, mystical adventures of Lewis & Clark as they explore the American West. In a way, it is not unlike Jonathan Hickman’s Manhattan Projects, in that the title couches its additive history in solid, documented fact. Writer Chris Dingess peppers the text with bits and pieces of Merriwether Lewis’s actual journal, an element which lends a...

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For a long time, Invincible has been a book that I’ve looked forward to more than just about any other. Its title character is, in my estimation, one of the best new comic characters to emerge from the 21st century.This month’s issue, while touching on a number of ongoing threads, feels more like filler than a standalone story or even one which progresses the overarching plot. While several of these subplots do feature some intriguing developments, very little time is devoted to Mark “Invincible...

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One of the best things about modern comics is that the form is in no way chained to capes and tights.Three by Ryan Kelly, Kieron Gillen, and Jordie Bellaire, is one of the best examples of the evolution of the form. The book is as much a history lesson as it is a dark, twisted adventure tale. For those who loved 300 and are expecting to find something similar within these pages, they will be frighteningly surprised to see the historical Spartans depicted much more accurately than they were in ei...

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Capeless Crusader reviews ACTION COMICS #11 0

I wish I could say that this was another perfect issue of Action Comics, but that would be a stretch. Grant Morrison rarely achieves perfection, largely because he is so interested in experimentation.In this issue, we get to see his experiment in telling a Superman story without Clark Kent.SPOILER WARNING: If you haven't read last month's issue of Action Comics, go out and pick it up before you read any further.This issue asks, in a variety of ways, one of the most central questions of the Super...

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Capeless Crusader reviews "Nite Owl #1" 0

As one of only two "legacy" characters in Watchmen, Dan Drieberg has always held a certain special fascination for me. In Alan Moore's original, Dan is the everyman, he is us. He is disappointed, yet powerless to effect change. He is endowed with tremendous gifts, both physical and mental, yet lacks the confidence to put them to use. He is the spirit of optimism that has been crushed by the unbearable cynicism of the era in which he finds himself. Of all the characters in the original work, Dan ...

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Capeless Crusader Reviews "Silk Spectre #1" 0

DC's Before Watchmen event continued this week with the release of the first issue of Silk Spectre.This book features the creative team of Amanda Conner and Darwyn Cooke (also the creator of Minutemen) and tells a tale of two super-heroines. Sally Jupiter, the original Silk Spectre of the Minutemen, is seen here after the close of her career. Her daughter, Laurie, is the primary focus of the book, which shows her attempting to come to terms with her mother's legacy and the choice she faces as to...

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Capeless Crusader Reviews "The Massive #1" 0

Brian Wood is one of the best politically-driven writers of comics in the business today. His work on DMZ and Local, in particular, have showcased his ability to take large societal themes and boil them down to stories that can resonate with the reader on a personal level.In The Massive, Wood asks a rather disturbing question: "What does it mean to be an environmentalist after the world's already ended?"The world itself in Wood's story has not so much ended as it has been brought to the brink of...

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Capeless Crusader Reviews "Minutemen #1" 0

Today, the first issue of DC's controversial "Before Watchmen" release hit the stands in comic book stores across the country. The event has drawn a great deal of criticism from fans and industry pundits who have slammed DC for their perceived ill-treatment of comic icon Alan Moore, the writer of the original Watchmen limited series.With so much scrutiny directed at the company in advance of the event, DC needed a strong start out of the gate.They got it.Minutemen, by Darwyn Cooke, chronicles th...

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Capeless Crusader reviews "America's Got Powers #2" 0

How would our society treat the truly "different?" If young men and women suddenly displayed abilities and changes unlike anything in recorded history, what would happen to concepts like all men are created equal?Writer Jonathan Ross has spent his career as a newsman, asking hard questions of the powers around the world. In America's Got Powers, he uses the fantastical device of a sudden appearance of superhumans to call into question some of the very real and very controversial decisions made b...

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Psychic Warfare and Dehumanization 0

This is not a book for the weak of mind or stomach. The latest installment of Brian Churilla's psycho-pharmaceutical-driven espionage tale significantly raises the stakes for its titular hero. Up to this point, Cooper has appeared as the epitome of the hard-boiled hero—irascible, invincible, and possessed of a secret which drives him on his quest.No longer.Cooper is less a hero and more an assassin. As we learn the scope of his past activities, it becomes perfectly clear that this is a man whose...

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Capeless Crusader Reviews "Superman #9" 0

While the rest of the DC New 52 may be "in-your-face!" with how different it is from previous incarnations of characters, Superman is a little bit of salve for the longtime fan's troubled soul.With art by Dan Jurgens and a script by Keith Giffen, this book contains a story that could very easily have made it's way into the pages of a Superman book anywhere between 1986 and 2012. Superman saves a russian submarine from sinking, but there is something more than meets the eye. Clark receives grief ...

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Capeless Crusader Reviews "The Manhattan Projects" #3 0

Manhattan Projects #3 is simply astonishing. IT continues Hickman's unholy marriage of science history with science fiction.When it comes to watershed moments in 20th Century history, few events hold a candle to the deployment of the world's first nuclear weapon. "The Bomb", as this month's chapter is entitled, confronts one of the greatest moral questions man has faced in the modern age. With unimaginable force in hand, who decides whether or not it should be used?In the history that most of us...

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Capless Crusader Review JUSTICE LEAGUE #9 0

With last month's issue wrapping up the Apokolips storyline, and coming hot on the heels of the Free Comic Book Day New 52 release, this month's Justice League is very much a stage-setting issue. If the glimpses we get at the new villain, "Graves" are any indication, then the play to be performed on that stage is going to be a wild one.Graves' role has been teased throughout the series to this point, having shown him penning a number of books on popular conspiracy theories relating to Atlantis, ...

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Capeless Crusader Reviews EARTH 2 #1 0

I have to start this review by confessing that the DC Multiverse has always held a special place in my heart. The very first comic that I ever purchased, at a small hole-in-the-wall store in Wrigleyville, was "The Flash #305." It was one of many stories that had Barry Allen crossing the gap between realities to meet up with his counterpart from the original 1940s series, Jay Garrick. So from the very outset of my life as a comic book fan I have been well acquainted with DC Comics' history of usi...

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Capeless Crusader Reviews WORLDS FINEST #1 0

World's Finest is one of two offerings from DC Comics this week that begins the process of reestablishing one of their longest-held and most popular properties.Before the New 52, Flashpoint, Identity/Infinite/Final Crisis, there was Crisis on Infinite Earths. That was the last we saw of a true Earth-2from DC Comics. There have been attempts over the years to shoehorn it back into continuity, in a half-handed manner.There is nothing half-handed here except perhaps Power Girl's wardrobe.After mont...

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Capeless Crusader reviews ACTION COMICS #9 0

Since the last issue of Action Comics ended that particular story arc, Grant Morrison and company took a brief detour this month, giving us a one-off tale of Calvin Ellis, the Superman of Earth 23. This is a character who was debuted by Morrison himself back in Final Crisis, when he was recruited into the multiversal army of Superman to fight against the immortal space-vampire Mandrakk. While that particular résumé could only have sprung from Morrison's unchained imagination, the tale he tells i...

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Capeless Crusader Reviews "Manhattan Projects #2" 0

Manhattan Projects is what a true science fiction nerd wishes history were like. The first issue introduced us to Director Robert Oppenheimer in all of his schizophrenic glory, and the second issue builds an insane supporting cast of characters around him.This issue abandons Oppenheimer and focuses on two OTHER legendary scientists: Richard Feynman and Werner Von Braun.Anyone who's ever read a book or seen a documentary on NASA knows who Werner Von Braun is. In "real" history, Von Braun is consi...

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Capeless Reviews SAUCER COUNTRY #2 0

Saucer Country #1 introduced us to Governor Arcadia Alvarado, a newly minted presidential candidate who believes that she was abducted by aliens and that those we are being invaded by those self-same aliens.The second installment begins as one might expect, with abject disbelief from her campaign manager, Chloe. Obviously, to come out with this information in public would be devastating to the aspirations of an otherwise shooting-star candidate. While little is done to qualm Chloe's misgivings, ...

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Capeless Crusader Reviews AMERICA'S GOT POWERS #1 0

Last month, Capeless Crusader previewed this week's release of America's Got Powers from Image Comics.The new limited series from writer Jonathan Ross and artist Bryan Hitch promised a reality-TV look at what would happen were super-powered individuals to emerge in our present-day American society.The first issue jumps right into reality, with the first page being taken up by an in-universe fictitious press-release about the new season of AGP. The page takes the form of an internet comment page,...

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Capeless reviews DANGER CLUB #1 0

Unsupervised children beat each other lifeless in an arena while the world around them burns.Fans of books like The Hunger Games may find this a familiar concept, but beyond that slight similarity, Danger Club is in a class of its own.We join the story already in progress and quickly learn that this world is having a really bad year.The superhuman protectors of the planet ventured off into space three months prior to deal with a cosmic-level threat. They have not returned.In their absence, the d...

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Capeless Reviews Nightly News (GN) 0

It's a rare occasion when I worry that a comic book purchase will land me on a Homeland Security watch list. After reading the first chapter of the elegant hardback that I picked up at Westfield Comics, I was concerned.The Nightly News was creator Jonathan Hickman's debut work. In it, he attempts to channel the popular rage that films such as Network and OutFoxed attempted to bring to the forefront. The pages are packed with "info-graphics" which (despite many disclaimers stating that the accoun...

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Capeless Reviews DB Cooper #1 0

D.B. Cooper has remained on the FBI's Most Wanted list for over 40 years. The perpetrator of the only unsolved air piracy act in American history, he has never been caught.One might expect a book about this character to be an Ocean's Eleven-style heist story, which would be tremendously fun.That's not this book.Brian Churilla's tale opens with a standard news broadcast regarding the hijacking, but wastes no time in leaping headlong into the ultra-bizarre.We catch up with Agent Cooper in the mids...

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Capeless Reviews All-Star Western #5 0

We pick up where we left off, with Hex and Arkham battling the Gotham underground.The action gets off to a fast start as Hex attempts to fight his and Arkham's way to safety, and we get the usual play-by-play through Arkham's point of view, which observations have become one of the more enjoyable staples of this series.The writing here is solid, doing a good job of carrying through sequences with a fluidity that makes it seem as if the reader is experiencing Arkham's thoughts in the context of w...

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Capeless Reviews Action Comics #8 0

I've been picking up Grant Morrison's Action since the launch of DC's New 52. The latest issue is the culmination of the first arc, which has had Superman face first the revamped Metallo (Now METAL-0) and long-time nemesis Braniac.The issue does a passable job of tying off all of the various threads that Morrison has woven through the series over the last 8 months, with a couple left hanging to build on for the future. Most notable of these threads is the revelation that Clark Kent's mysterious ...

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