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@cbishop: If you're in the minority on wanting a universe that legitimately ages with its readers, then I'm there with you. That would be the best way to keep readers interested as they get older, and also draw in new ones.

"See, Johnny? When I was a boy, PowerKid was PowerMan's sidekick, and now he's PowerMan and HIS son is PowerKid. Guess who we're going to be for Halloween?"

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Agree with those who posted the Xena-esque look. Her design should be classic and functional, which is very do-able. She should look like a knockout who can knock you out.

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@Adnan: Mind MGMT is pretty good, but I love things that actually deal with relevant world problems. The Massive is about as topical as one can possibly get.

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How about a social worker. Let's see what she does when confronted with some of the callousness of modern man's society rather than just it's aggression.

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Top 5:

1) Manhattan Projects

2) The Secret History of DB Cooper

3) The Nightly News

4) The Massive

5) Saga

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1. You are actually incorrect. Including international box office, Green Lantern actually made WB a profit.

2. The roster is almost guaranteed to include Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and the Flash. Beyond that, the secondary characters could be almost anyone, depending on whom WB is looking to give a bump for a solo movie. As much of a joke as it may seem, Aquaman would be tremendous fit. On land, his powers would be largely complementary to the core group, but an Aquaman film done right (underwater King Arthur story) would be excellent and visually stunning.

3. The perfect film plot is sitting there waiting for them. Grant Morrison wrote it way back when and it has everything, even the nod to ancient-alien-conspiracy-theory that got Avengers some push in certain circles.

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I think that digital will help with this quite a bit. Most people who care for their books aren't going to take them on a plane or train. They will definitely take their Kindle/iPad/Nook/etc.

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@Strider92: There's also a lot to be said for the benefits of experience. Spider-Man has been HTH fighting for well over two decades in the 616 at this point. That's a training class in and of itself.

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Actually got a chance to read the first issue when Kelly Sue Deconnick came to town this month. It looks pretty sweet.

I wrote a pretty good summation over on my website if anyone wants to check it out. Found out what the first arc is going to be about. Was also told that Carol's addiction will NOT be a major factor in this title. Guess it was decided that she'd beaten that demon and deserved to move on.

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@Strider92: I don't think it's that odd to see Spidey doing some training with Carol. He's been established as one of the most proficient combatants in the Marvel U. She may have him beat in the raw strength department, but Peter has shown that he can hold his own against literally anyone in the world. Makes perfect sense for her to hone her skills with some one-on-one time.