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@spiderbat87: If it leads to the return of a large mutant population, I'd have to call AvX a net-positive event. The resonance of mutant-kind as an analogy for repressed segments of society really takes a hit when you shrink the numbers so much.

I would also disagree that it's a "complete disservice", because there are definitely people who enjoy a whole lot of punchy-punchy with little else. I'm not one of them, but have fellow fans who are. THEY'RE being served. I just don't buy it. :)

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1) Doesn't exist in the DCU, also, in NO WAY "stronger" than Superman. Faster, yes. Could injure and perhaps defeat? Yes. "stronger"? Come back to me when Wally lifts a tank over his head.

2) Barry Allen, same as above.

3) Martian Manhunter: MAYBE. I'd love to see the fight. Typically, when J'onn has gotten the better of Clark, it's been by using his whole spectrum of abilities, which does not make him "stronger".

4) Mr. Majestic: Doesn't exist anymore.

5) Dr. Fate, again, not "stronger". More powerful, perhaps, with an ability uniquely suited to take advantage of one of Superman's weaknesses, but in no way physically stronger.

I could go on, but I'd be repeating myself. You may want to go back and redefine your categories. "Stronger" implies physical strength, not necessarily overall power level or ability. If you want to discuss who's the most powerful, that could get really interesting. When it comes to the current DCU, there is little doubt that Superman is, to steal a Hulk phrase, "strongest there is".

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@spiderbat87: It's only regression if the "return to status quo" doesn't include any forward progression of the character's motivations. For example, it would be well within the realm of possibility to see a conversation like this:

Erik: "Scott, you've gone too far. You're becoming the very thing you hate."

Scott: "How can you say that? You, of all people. I've been trying to stop you from creating a mutant utopia my entire life, and now that I'm so close to achieving it, you say I've gone too far?"

Erik: "I was a young and angry man. I couldn't see my own hypocrisy, being born of genocide, yet seeking to perpetrate another in pursuit of that utopia."

Etc, etc...

In other words, it's all in how it's written. Every one of these characters has progressed and, to a certain degree, regressed in their 40+ year history. What matters most is moving the story forward in a way that is engaging and adds to the larger mythos in a positive way.

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@spiderbat87: Given the number of "formerly evil" characters living on X-Men Isle, having a few of them go randomly insane might be just what's needed to get back to more of a status quo, especially if more "righteous" mutants are in the works after AvX.

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All you really need to do is adapt Perez run from the 80s, with some changes to make it match up with the alterations to the mythos from the recent run (i.e. you don't show the Queen forming Diana from clay)

Open with the destruction of Amazon civilization by Heracles, and the subsequent enslavement of the Amazons.

You show them escaping slavery through the Queen's distraction of the guards and the epic battle for escape. The gods show them the way to Themyscira, where you can do a montage of the construction of the island over time.

You have this told as a story to a young-adult Diana, who rebels at having heard it all before, and wonders whether there is more to the world than life on the island.

Steve Trevor crash-lands, prompting the Queen to call the contest of champions to determine who will represent Themyscira in man's world.

Diana wins, in epic fashion and is presented with the Wonder Woman armor, which we don't see.

She escorts Steve back to the US, where she is interrogated by the US Military.

It is revealed that the God of War, Ares, is manipulating US Generals, trying to start WWIII.

Planes are launched, with plans to destroy Themyscira as the first strike in the massive war. Ares needs them out of the way.

Steve frees Diana and supplies her with the Wonder Woman armor, which he has retrieved during some nifty spy-action sequences.

Diana and Steve engage the jets attacking Themyscira while Steve's plucky sidekick Etta tries to expose the General who is being manipulated by Ares to his superiors.

Once the attack has been stopped and the General has burned to a crisp, Wonder Woman and Steve are debriefed by Amanda Waller, who let's her know that she'll be in touch. She suspects Ares was "in league" with something larger, something coming for Earth. Setup for JL.

There you go. Wonder Woman. Massive profits. Setup for Justice League.

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@jeanroygrant: Name a stronger one, I dare you! ;)

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Not to be a disagreeing Dan, but maybe X-Men could benefit from a little time with talking heads. It might create some opportunities to have Cyclops say something new, as opposed to the religious zealot he's appeared to be lately. Bendis does love to have people talk, after all...

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This one's pretty easy:

1) Flash

2) Superman

3) Mr. Terrific

4) Batman

5) Deadman

6) Booster Gold

7) Superman

8) Superman

9) Superman

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@spiderbat87: Oh, definitely high-concept, but that's something I think that the book could use. As I say, I haven't been buying regularly, largely because I haven't really enjoyed the Bendis talking heads when I have picked it up to look at what's going on.

Hickman has shown that he has a knack for writing stories that are plot-driven, but still have very complete characters. I have been reading his FF run, and I feel that this is even stronger when he's drawing on established characters' canon, and has the great "feedback" effect, where the known attributes of characters inform what he wants to do with story.

Don't get me wrong, I think Slott would be great, but given the extremely high profile of Avengers right now, doing something suitably epic and high-concept might be just what's needed for the book to capitalize on the buzz from the film.

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@spiderbat87: Hickman doesn't just excel at cosmic-type work. His breakout, after all, was "The Nightly News", which is anything but cosmic.

Personally, I can't wait. Haven't been a regular Avengers reader since the days of West Coast Avengers, but I will be checking in to read his work on Avengers.