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@Trevel8182: Cinematically, he is. The abysmal "Returns" did not touch on the origin story.

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Would be interesting to see a Giant-Size X-Men approach with these characters. Say the entire League goes missing. Dick activates Batman's "Outsider" protocol or some such, gathering a group of unknown young heroes... Would be fun for a new take on the old-school Titans.

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@Chaos Burn: You don't see a problem with the borderline fascism involved in the police state that Bruce inevitably winds up creating in most future histories?

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@WDW: I'll agree with that 100%. Honestly, though, with 132 pages of dialogue-filled storyboards at their disposal, most of the work has been done for them.

Heck, I have two or three Wonder Woman scripts kicking around on my hard drive. Hey Hollywood, you reading this? My email address is on my website. :)

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Once upon a time, would have said choose Kirk if you're looking for a battle commander, and choose Picard if you want to talk your way out of the situation. Since TNG went to the movie theaters, Picard has proven to be a capable tactician as well, making him the whole package.

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*facepalm* you just HAD to refer to what I think is the single worst-thought-out moment in Wonder Woman's history...


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If you really want to use the career as a device to help build readership, put her in a school as a teacher. It would engage younger readers and allow her to deal with a set of problems that she has not faced in her entire history.

Wonder how Diana would deal with a schoolyard bully without giving away who she "really" is...

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The biggest problem with the Superman books is that his supporting cast has been largely sidelined. For decades, Lois Lane served a critical role to the stories by leaping into situations that, in the real world, would have gotten a reporter killed. She was able to delve into complex issues of government corruption, underworld activity, and corporate abuses because Superman would always be there to save her.

By relegating Lois to a behind-the-desk role in the main Superman title, they have taken away what has, for nearly all of the character's 80+ year history, been his "muse".

Want good Superman stories? Have Lois get out from behind her desk and running around Metropolis again.


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Cyborg has the potential to be a serious major-leaguer in the coming years. We, as a society, are still coming to terms with the power that information technology possesses. The stories about information overload and the transformation of biological man into a "virtual" cyborg could be some wonderful themes to touch on with this character.

Can you tell I'm writing a pitch for DC's fourth or fifth wave? ;)

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@TheTimShow: You should check out my colleague Jeffrey's write up on the cancellation, what went wrong, and what could come next for the JLI. I think we'll see them again... Take a look