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From Wikipedia . His unpredictable, homicidal nature makes him one of the most feared supervillains in the DC Universe; in the Villains United and Infinite Crisis mini-series, the members of the villains' Secret Society refuse to induct the Joker for this reason. In the mini-series Underworld Unleashed, the Trickster remarks, "When super- villains want to scare each other, they tell Joker stories."

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In the graphic novel The Joker: Devil's Advocate , the Joker is reported to have killed well over 2,000 people. plus an EMP Doesn't actually Kill anyone neither does sinking ships there's no 100% guarantee that All people if any died during the EMP or sinking ships

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Also in terms of persona and Story line

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Who is the better villain in terms of fear, kill count, threat level, and has done the most damage to their opposing superheroes PS...trying to find out why the hell IGN rated magneto as number 1 instead of joker

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All you guys keep arguing about dicks acrobatics. But acrobatics and agility are two different things. Dick being more agile will not make him a better fighter unless you also say that Deadman and Harly Quinn can physically beat Batman. Dick and Tim I believe, both have roughly about the same reaction time so during a fight both can Dodge ANY attack using the SAME speed but dick will just be able to Dodge one attack in multiple ways while Tim would Dodge it in a simpler way yet BOTH have accomplished their goal. Plus its not just about quantity of experience its about quality. Who really believes that the experience dick has from years of fighting more street thugs than Tim is better than the Time Tim used to get experience fighting the likes of lady shiva? plus Tim has always had a higher success rate in his first missions as robin compared to the humiliating defeats that dick faced.

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This is not fanboyism but lets all agree that Tim Drake SHOULD theoreticaly be the best fighter. First off, It makes no sense as to why Batman would teach The robins each martial art individualy rather than as a combination of what he's learned. This is what has led to the controversy of Dick mastering more martial arts than Tim. Second off Tim was trained by a much more expirienced Batman at the time, his training would probably be better than dicks concidering he has already taught 2 previous robins. think of it as a high-school teacher teaching his first class in one year and picture him teaching his third class. he would obviously have more expirience teaching his Students. 3rd Tim went around the world learning from different teachers thus perfecting different aspects and blending them into his own. 4th While dick maybe physicaly better than him, Batman has faced countless rouges who have physicaly surpassed him but has beaten them in hand to hand combat and must have passed on this knowledge to all the robins. 5th Tim being smarter than dick should have had an easier time learning how to fight as he would know which moves work best for him while for dick it just came naturaly (though there I will admit its more or less a tie) 6th Tim taking account dicks acrobatic skills would deduce how to approach him in a fight much like how Batman would approach bane in a fight. 7th Its not about dick having more experience its about Tim having Better experience. If having more experience was the case then NO-ONE SHOULD ever be able to Beat Ras al ghul. 8th Tim's agility is probably not much less than dicks to make a gigantic marginal gap. Both can Dodge attacks but dick just does it in a fancy way.

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Wow I commend you for taking the time to make this thread however there are afew changes that you will have to make. First Bruce became Batman when he was 25 in year one. Dick was 9 years old when he became robin. Tim was 13 when he became robin, Jason is not specified (atleast not to my knowledge ) and most writers say that Batmans storyline usually ends in his late thirties

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How old was Batman when he started training Dick Grayson? How many years did He stay as robin until replaced by Jason Todd and how old was Batman when he trained Jason Todd and how long was Jason Todd robin? when did Batman train Tim Drake and how old was he (Batman ) also why did Batman teach the martial arts he knew to the robins individualy rather than as a combination of everything he learned? woulnt that have made more sense? theoreticaly Tim should be the best fighter as he has had the best training so far and dick mastering more martial arts shouldn't be a factor neither him being physicaly better. Its all about the technique like same way Harley Quinn is more agile that Batman but she still loses

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To be honest when guys here DC they automatically think Superman And how he's so unrealisticly powerful Basically guys hate him because they say "oh Superman has all the powers what's the point of other heros even existing... but to be honest Ill tell you it's not about the powers, its about the fact that he's the main character ...I mean sure hulk CANT be killed and sure silver Surfer has the power cosmic but for hulk writers wildly use his emotional state in each story to guage him + silver surfer doesn't even Use the power cosmic quite often..but Superman? ? kryptonite really? ?? he could just crawl away 3meters from the kryptonite and he'd b okay ... another thing is the reason people enjoy marvel is because people actually took time into developing their Civilian story ..I mean lets face it in marvel Peter Parker is Spiderman in DC Batman is Bruce Wayne + the background of some DC characters is soo poorly developed...Dick Grayson, Firestorm, Captain Marvel, Martian Manhunter flash green arrow...dnt get me started on how hard it Is to keep up with the 4 greenlanters. or 4 Supermen or 3 wonder women or 6 Robins or 3 batgirls or 4 flashes etc or the massive loop holes such as why Superman of earth 2 is the silver age Superman when he should b the golden age or why didn't Batman train the robins in a combination of all the martial arts he's learnt rather than separately or why he hasn't bullet proofed his suit or why he hasn't asked Dr fate 2 cure his scars or why A FREAKIN PAIR OF GLASSES MAKES THE WHOLE WORLD BLIND 2 SUPERMANS IDENTITY!!!!!!!!!!

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Wait wait hold on a Sec NONE of this makes any sense...theoreticaly or Realistically, Tim should be a better fighter that dick..because when he was taught by Batman, he had more experience