What new characters should I star reading from Marvel and Dc?

From the Marvel side i just finished with Fury Max, Infinity Gauntlet, Punisher War journal, Punisher Max, Frank Miller Dare Devil. On the Dc side, I read Batman the Killing Joke, The Dark Night Returns and Batman long Halloween. Any recemdtions would help. I prefer a great story instead of some flashy art. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I also enjoy Young Justice and Avengers Earths Mighest Heroes. :D


what issues of the punisher should i read?

Their is a sell going on at A-1 comics and I was just wondering what should i get because their so many issues. I like the punisher, daredevil, war machine, bishop, wolverine, and the uncanny x-men. My favorite villains are Magneto, jigsaw, thanos, and more. I like heroes that dont hold back and have a deep story line like punisher and wolverine. I don't like the ultimate series; who are your favorite heroes and villains of marvel and what marvel charters are like punisher, wolverine,and ghost rider. To many marvel charters lol. :) p.s I have almost all the marvel legends figures lol.