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@ntb1124: Well ok then for the sake of peace sorry too. Shouldn't be name calling or going off on people. Sort of used to dealing with trolls and flame wars on the internet. 3 years older than my brother but not exactly the role model either. I don't edit since I only get comics every other month. Not really a collector or a regular reader of these books. Again sorry.
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@ntb1124 said:
" That along with our/are are common on most message boards and facebook status updates.  Just a note though, someone will probably turn it around and pick on you for not writing in complete sentences.  The only people that get blasted for bad grammer or spelling are the ones that try to point it out on others.  Which you will notice that I am not very grammatically sound in any of my posts, so I try not to pick on others for it.(See how I used which there, just for you.) "
Well excuuuuuuse me for not being clear and not having a complete sentence. I was referring to the wiki pages. They read like my 12-year old little brother edited them. Wikis here look amateurish compared to wikipedia or the comic book database. I'll just go to those sites from now on, just for you, butthole.
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silly facts of grammar and spelling

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@Mtti said:
" Bringing her into the comics allows for portential rich story that is if they don't treat it like a gimic.  If I would conceptualize how they would have introduced her "back" I would create a storyline of Superman getting flashbacks or hidden memories of someone he knew long ago, then he would go on a mission talking to old characters and villains which would culiminate on Chloes discovery and who "erased" her and why. That sounds more interesting than Jimmys' sidekick..  "
She would have to be older though. Clark is probably in his idk 30s maybe and Chloe is probably the same age range as Jimmy. If I were forced into writing Chloe as being 5 or 10 years apart from Clark and wanted to put her into Clark's history, I would go no further than his college years say his early 20s. That could put Chloe knowing Clark at any time between her early to late teens. I don't know if Chloe is any relation to Lois in the comics but if not then Chloe could be the younger sister of a college buddy of Clark's, although it sounds like a complicated story. The other option would have been to have her be in Clark's age range but I don't write fanfiction, so I'll leave it to the professionals.
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@Valtot said:
" just think of him as a pre crisis kryptonian though more realistic without i bust galaxies with a sneaze powers. "
That's not what I was asking about Superboy. I was mainly wondering why Superboy's wiki had vague and unclear info about SA Superboy and Superboy-Prime but the wiki has been edited by someone else since then so it reads like the explanations from the posters above who did understand the question and answered it with the proper clarity. Thanks again guys.
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Wow clears up a lot. Thanks viners. Somebody used a very vague and unclear history for that part of the Supereboy page but I read the wiki again and somebody changed it so it reads more clear in detail. Not sure why it was so vague and confusing before but now it reads more like the way you guys describe it. Wish editors were more into accuracy. It'd be less confusing on the wikis.

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I was reading Superboy's wiki page and I was wondering after the Crisis on Infinite Earths separated Superman and Superboy, how did Superboy become Superboy-Prime if he died in Legion of Super-Heroes #38? 
Legion of Super-Heroes #38

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This is one of the few sites that I've seen where users know that the Walking Dead TV series was not a rip-off of 28 Days Later or that it's not a TV show based on Night of the Living Dead. Non-comic book fans are infinitely clueless.

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@xhavoc86 said:

"Ugh I hate 3D...  But anyways, I'm still hoping they add another female to the group... Wasp, Ms Marvel, Scarlet Witch would be awesome...all three of them were Avengers members before Black Widow I believe..."

The Black Widow made guest appearances in the Avengers that started with Avengers vol 1 #29 (1966). Then the Black Widow officially joined the team in Avengers vol 1 #111 (1973), a few years after the Scarlet Witch joined them which was in Avengers vol 1 #16 (1965). Ms Marvel joined the team in Avengers vol 1 #183 (1979). Then events with Immortus violating Ms Marvel in Avengers vol 1 #200 (1980) and the loss of Ms Marvel's powers to Rogue in Avengers Annual vol 1 #10 (1981) resulted in Ms Marvel quitting the Avengers.
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@Justize said:

" @Gambit1024:  no that was ultimate nick fury or at least an combo of the two "

no that guy the S.H.I.E.L.D. agent kept calling "Director Fury" looked more like the 616 Nick Fury. He didn't look anything like the Ultimates' Nick Fury . Might help to watch the video instead of listening to just the audio.