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I agree with the others in which it was just a cool item to have in the scene and not supposed to have any significance. Even if it was really meant to be an actual part of the story and not just a fun Easter Egg, I doubt that it was the completed gauntlet with all the gems. At the end of Thor 2, they gave the Ether to the Collector because it was unwise to keep two of the stones together.

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Just Captain America from that list.

  1. Steve Rogers
  2. James Buchanan Barnes
  3. Sue Storm
  4. Richard Rider
  5. Nick Fury
  6. Swamp Thing
  7. Kang the Conqueror
  8. Matt Murdock
  9. Dr. Doom
  10. Benjamin Grimm
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@humanrocket: Very nice write-up. I haven't read any of the new series yet. I figure I will read it all eventually whenever it goes on sale on Comixology. But, to be honest, I don't have much interest in Sam at this point. I have never been a big fan of teen heroes and really only because a fan of Rider whenever he really grew up during Annihilation through Thanos Imperative. Whenever I do end up reading the new Nova series, it will probably be more for just reading about what happened Rich, Worldmind, Black helmets, etc. as opposed to Sam himself.

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What are some good stories that feature the celestials? I've really only read them in Hickman's Ff and now in Uncanny Avengers besides some stories that they play a side role like Infinity Gauntlet and Thanos Imperative

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@apocalypse3: don't forget the advantage of flight on DCs side and varying powers other than strength and durability.

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Ben Hur has one of my favorite endings.

Braveheart's ending will always hold a special place in my heart.

I really enjoyed the ending to The Sting.

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@kazuma14: Marvel became a publicly traded company in either the late 80s or early 90s. In 2009, Disney took over the company by buying out the stock at a premium giving them ownership of the company. By this time, the X-Men and Spider-Man movies were already out by Fox and Sony as well as the first Iron Man. Disney saw the value of these characters and purchased the company so they could integrate them into their parks, merchandise, and of course movies to generate much more long-term revenue than the $4B that it cost to acquire the company.

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Toss up between T'Challa and Carol for me from this list. Rich Rider would be my overall pick. I would be very happy with that line-up of the TV/movies if it were true. I would love to see Kang on the big screen.

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I enjoy his stories, however, he is a guy though that I don't really want on my favorite character as I know it will just be miserable for that character and tear down a lot of what they have built up from past writers. For instance, Steve Rogers is my favorite character. In Remender's run, he has killed off Sharon Carter and taken away his serum. So my favorite character no longer has the love of his life or have the ability to be the character that I enjoy so much.

I think his work on X-Force was superb and Uncanny Avengers has been fantastic since the first arc.

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Off topic, but in what stories can I find some good black bolt fights. I've only really read him in Infinity and New Avengers. Is he super strong/fast/durability in addition to the voice?