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@transformers1024: I also dropped it a while back due to the poor dialogue and characterizations. I did pick up the last issue though to finally find out what happened to Richard Rider and neither have improved since I last read an issue. I will pick up the next two though just to know what happened to one of my favorite characters.

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Can't wait to see how this ends. Really been enjoying this event. . . maybe even more than Harbinger Wars.

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@cloakx14: Depends on the humor that you like. It is very similar to Hawkeye in terms of its humor. I dropped Hawkeye because I did not enjoy the humor and may drop this book as well as it is starting to get irritating to me. The overall story is good though.

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Yup. I enjoyed the second half quite a lot after a mediocre first half of the year.

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Deadpool is my least favorite Marvel character except for his depiction in Remender's Uncanny X-Force.

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I don't think it was racist. The cops were notified by the people in the office building that there were people having sex in the car outside their building. The cop approached and asked for identification which the man presented, but she refused. Had she provided her identification, the incident would have been over in 5 minutes. It is within a cop's right to ask for identification when there is probable cause, so he did no wrong. It is all on her for making the scene, not the cop.

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@cap10nate: Sadly not. I think you get one with every eighth piece delivered.

I confirmed with their customer service that it is every 8th piece so you get the F4 characters with the first 32 and then you get the villains with the second set of 32. I'm still really up in the air if I want to get these.

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ps. this is one of my all time favorite comics moments.

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Since Baron Von Strucker is going to be in the new Avengers movie, do you think he will return in the comics since he was. . .

. . .shot in the face several times by Fury in Secret Warriors?