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You see Sue put a protective field around Valerie before she blasts everyone else in that last page of the preview, but who is the other little girl that is being blown back? It might be explained in the book,but it looks a little weird seeing Sue, the consummate mother, drilling a little girl with her force fields.

The girl looks like a carbon copy of Val so I wonder if it is an art mistake and they drew her twice?

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Since this isn't even a plausible fight, I voted for the one that I prefer, which is Steve Rogers.

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Does Cyclops have enhanced physicals that allow him to take excessive abuse or is he basically human in his durability?

Also, does the power source to his eye blast ever drain? If he were to just leave the visor off for a long time, would the blasts come out forever or would they taper off?

One final question, is there an origin story for Scott that shows him as a kid the first time he opens his eyes and blows something up. I think it would be interesting to see a story where he is dealing with the fact that he cannot open his eyes until someone figures out that the ruby quartz will neutralize it?

I've read a lot of Marvel books but never too much from the X-Men side.

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Avengers is the one that I am most excited for and the one that I believe will gross more.

The Avengers brand has surpassed the Star Wars brand for today's viewers I believe. Especially whenever you consider the fact that the last three star wars movies were not very well received. I think that Star Wars will do very well, just not Avengers well.

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Monster Squad without a doubt. such a great movie from my childhood. "Kick Wolfman in the nards."

Honestly, it's one of only 3 or 4 movies on that list that I have watched. I guess I don't care much for vampire movies. ha.

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As the player himself said, he was flagged for sliding into the prayer pose which goes against the NFL rules in celebrating on the ground. This had nothing to do with his religion. If a Christian athlete would slide into a prayer pose, he would be flagged as well.

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Katniss for this one. She is very accurate and can shoot very quickly. The crossbow takes a long time to reload. Which is why they very seldom show Daryl reloading it unless the plot dictates that he needs to have a close call.

Katniss' training exercise in Catching Fire was extremely impressive with her speed and accuracy. She is also a very skilled hunter and tracker so Daryl's advantage isn't as large on that even though I believe he still has an edge.

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very entertaining episode. Penguin has been a great story so far. Never been much a of Jada Pinkett Smith fan but she isn't doing bad in the show. Is Fish Mooney a character from the books or made up for the show? I wonder if they are going to pursue the Essen story line even though she is the captain. I wonder if they are going to make it that Barbara strays (as they have hinted with Montoya) instead of Jim..

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Big week for me. Over half of my Marvel pull list this week.

Marvel: BUCKY BARNES: THE WINTER SOLDIER!, Black Widow, Captain America, Fantastic Four, Guardians 3000, Moon Knight, Thor, Uncanny Avengers

Valiant: Armor Hunters: Aftermath, Bloodshot

Image: Fade Out


DC: Swamp Thing

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@g_man: That's good. I am very excited for this series regardless of my reservations against Kot as a writer. I like Zero well enough but very disappointed with Secret Avengers after I loved Spencer's run on the book until the rushed ending as it was handed off.