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Please just don't let All-New, All-Different will be the adjectives on all/most titles. It already looks ridiculous enough for the Avengers book.

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I am really looking forward to this.

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The most intriguing part to me about this is that there is a Fantastic Four sneak peak which I would very much like to see.

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Bloodshot Reborn, Ninjak, Planet Hulk, and Avengers World for me this week. Light week, but I have a bunch of previous week issues yet to read.

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Reverse-Flash is awesome and all, but everytime I see Wells I think of JD's brother from Scrubs :-\ ...I can't help it

Ha. I think the same thing. Every now and then when watching the show, a scene from Scrubs will pop in my head. It's the same for me watching Agents of SHIELD and Kyle Maclachan. I often just see the Captain from HIMYM.

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Vendetti has been weaving a fantastic tale, and I look forward to what he has to put out from here.

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Really enjoyed the issue and the start to this event. It definitely makes me want to see more and delve into the different realms of Battleworld. Tgat ending was fantastic and it'll be really interesting to see how it impacts the story.

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10 points - Magneto

9 points - Kingpin - Michael Clarke Duncan

8 points - Zod - Shannon

7 points - Joker - Nicholson

6 points - Winter Soldier - Stan

5 points - Joker - Ledger

4 points - Obadiah Stane - Lebowski

3 points - Loki - Hiddleson

2 points - Elijah Price - Samuel L Jackson

1 point - Zod - Stamp

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So... how did she get to the moon?

She was on Asgard since she joined the Council of Worlds whenever it was floating right by the moon when all the Asgardians were watching Thor try to lift it. She could have been with them and no one noticed her stay behind. That's why I always contended it was Jane the whole time although I thought they completely tipped their hand last issue that it was Roz when they showed her car floating above Roxxon.

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Doesn't Magneto use the shield to decapitate Bucky in the House of M universe? Not exactly proper continuity, but I still think it would apply. It seems like the true answer is whatever the plot dictates.