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CONGRATULATIONS!!! you guys have done an excellent job, this is by far my favorite website. Thanks for all of your hard work and bringing us this news.

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hawkman, green lantern (hal jordan), aquaman, Beast boy would be sick, green arrow, martian manhunter, firestorm,swamp thing and animal man. but i would also like to see some skins for all the characters, like we could see a alan scott green lantern skin, a classic jsa hawkman, not all new 52 costumes, bring back some oldies. but deffinetly beast boy, he would be such a complex character it would be awesome

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Great Article! i agree the 5 year time period does seem a tad short, but i dont think everything couldve happened in that five years, theres also the twenty years when superman started, maybe doomsday happened near then (minus the jla part of it) like they could maybe of altered some of the timeline, but probably not wiped itt clean. I do hope they do a big crossover event soon like infinte crisis or blackest night. if people are patient wally and diana will show up sometime, maybe in earth 2? or maybe a infinite crisis storyline? anyways, so far im happy with the new 52, yeah i do miss some of the old continuity but we gotta just go with the flow :)

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is the secret the thing about the whole website ownership change thy mentioned along time ago or is that not happening anymore?

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would you like to see joseph gordon levitt don the cowl in the next batman movies? in my opinion he would be great, hes more like the detective when bruce wayne (in the movies) was more like a tactician/ fighter. And do you think Ryan Reynolds should stay as Green Lantern? again in my opinion i think he should, its just like ben affleck, you cant blame him for shitty directing.

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im 100% on board, ben affleck has so far done an amazing job in the directors chair, people need to stop comparing ben affleck's talent to the daredevil movie (ITS NOT HIS FAULT IT SUCKED) im deffinetly on board with affleck directing, hes nailed his first two movies so far and im pretty sure hes gonna do it again with Argo, i dont know about him starring in it, unless hes steve trevor, and id prefer hes doesnt cast his younger brother to play anyone, just stick with henry cavill as superman, joseph gordon levitt as batman, ryan reynolds as green lantern, bradley cooper as the flash and so on, im also confident in will beall and his script, im more excited for gangster squad than i was avengers believe it or not. they just need to stick close to nolanverse and what marvel did with avengers and they should be good.

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it kinda looks like amazo, the one with arrows in his back

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jim palmiotti...what the hell are you talking about

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this is just starting to look like another JLA book, i want JSA back