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Just watched both Thor and Hulk vs again, and the scenes from Hulk vs where they fight in the mountains and the magnificent scene in the live action film introducing Asgard beginning from below the Asgardian "ocean" made me wonder: is Asgard a realm where the only non-Asgardian beings are the kinds of animals that end up on the Asgardian feast table, like boars or whatever they eat, or are there birds, insects, fish, amphibians, reptiles and other animals similar to the wildlife of Midgard? I recall Odin having both a pair of ravens called Hugin and Munin and a pair of tame wolves called Freki and Geri, but these pets all seemed to be magical so they might be created for the purpose of serving Odin and not taken from the Asgardian fauna? The scene in Thor where Asgard is introduced from below the water had me imagine an enormous whale-like creature swimming through a shimmering shoal of fish and when the camera view goes up I imagined great flocks of birds soaring along the cliffs of Asgard and above the city. It looked glorious in my mind, so like I already said, I'm wondering if there are animals in Asgard, and if so, what kinds?

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I haven't read DC as much as I've read Marvel, as I've only read Batman, Superman and some Flash with only wiki and forums to complement further info, while I've essentially read all of Marvel, so I'm not as educated about the world of DC as I am about the Marvel universe. While Marvel continually make references to real life history and pop phenomena and locate their major events and battles in famous cities like New York City, I've never even heard NYC mentioned in DC at all - the only reference I've seen whatsoever was a melting Statue of Liberty on the cover of an issue. Historically I've never heard 9/11 mentioned in DC among other major events that have been referenced to a lot of times in Marvel. As for pop references, the amount tends to vary - sometimes only celebrities and phenomena from DC's own world are mentioned, while on the other hand I recall references to Sherlock Holmes and a comic with Two-Face where he claims to sometimes listening to Black Sabbath. This leads me to wonder, does NYC exist in the DC universe at all, or does Metropolis and Gotham City serve as DC counterparts? If there is a NYC in the DC universe, how important is it there compared to Gotham and Metropolis? Does it depend on the writer? Would it be completely absurd if Batman or Superman fought crime on Manhattan? And about pop references and history, does DC have less in common with our world than Marvel has, or are they about similar?

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This is something I've been wondering as Peter Parker is the superhero I can relate to the most (struggling with financial/social problems, etc). I don't know many subscriber's names but I've seen Peter Parker drawn in very different ways over the years - sometimes he looks like a dork, sometimes he might as well be a supermodel and sometimes he looks quite ordinary. Most of his friends agree that he's a hopeless nerd, but more beautiful women than you can count on your fingers have had crushes on him, most of them falling for Peter Parker alone not knowing about his superhero alter ego. But have these women fallen for his appearance or his personality? Sure, he was bullied in school for being a nerd and an outsider, but that doesn't neccessarily make you unattractive, I know of several kids who were bullied in school who appearance-wise might as well have been models, which perhaps doesn't quite fit in with the common picture of a bullying victim. Though I guess Peter drew more female eyes to him after gaining a few pounds of spider-muscle to his physique. But how physically attractive is Peter Parker supposed to be? I don't imagine he'd be outright ugly, but would you look at him twice?

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Kryptonians and humans are pretty much indistinguishable from each other (as far as appearance goes anyways), and why is that? Has it ever been explained by DC? I'm the kind of douchebag who demands explanations for everything and won't settle with the answer "because it's comics" so I want to know. Could it be that humans and Kryptonians descend from a common ancestor? If I recall correctly, Kryptonians are a far older species than humans, which would in that case mean that humans descend from Kryptonians and not the other way around (take that, creationists?). Did some Kryptonian explorers visit Earth and ejaculated into the primordial ooze? Or would it be more plausible if they retconned Kryptonians so that they don't look that much like humans and Kal-El went through a similar "humanisation" that Klaatu went through in the movie The Day the Earth Stood Still to be able to blend in with the human civilisation?

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The saga of the Hulk seems to be a never-ending one, as Banner never seems to be able to get rid of the Hulk and the Hulk simply doesn't seem to be able to ever die. So, if there was a consistent film series about the Hulk and they had to conclude Banner's and the Hulk's story in one last movie, what kind of conclusion would you like to see? Would you have Banner finally find a cure for his condition, or would he make piece with the Hulk? Would the Hulk find a place where he could finally be left alone for the rest of his days? And if so, would Banner and Hulk get separated and live the rest of their lives as they saw fit, with Banner finally settling down with Betty and make piece with General Ross? Would the Hulk, as we don't really know what sort of being he is, ascend to some kind of entity, like a godlike personification of anger and/or strength? Or would you have it all end tragically with the Hulk and/or Banner dying, or, as he seems unable to die, be doomed to live on forever with no purpose to his existence? What are your thoughts?

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Question is in the title, what would happen if Juggernaut (not de-powered) was running at full speed towards Mjolnir lying on the ground and grabbed it while running? My theory is that he would be as unable as anyone to lift it and his unstoppable enchantment would be overpowered, or Mjolnir would break in two and be rendered useless anyway. What are your thoughts?

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The Hulk is often considered a monster but with his heart in the right place. However, when Banner has been "shut down" or removed from the Hulk he has often gone berserk and been unable to recognize friend from foe. This leads me into wondering, is the Hulk only good because he has Banner in him? Or is the Hulk a good guy with or without Banner, just more uncontrollable without him?

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Oops, I was supposed to post this in the Battles forum, can you relocate it?

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This is interesting because both these two can take seemingly unlimited amounts of pain, but for different reasons - Wolverine has an insane healing factor and is accustomed to pain after years and years of all kinds of assaults, while Joker has no such powers but rather seems to simply not care about pain or even enjoy it at a masochistic sadistic level. I've been thinking of which kind of resistance is the most useful - one might argue that Wolverine's superpowers are more useful, but on the other hand you do have quite an edge over your enemy if you actually enjoy any pain they can hand out to you. Would any of them ever break down during a torture interrogation, and if so, whom do you think would break down first? Whose pain resistance is the most useful? Don't know if you can die from shock if you enjoy pain... Anyway, what do you think?

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Just finished watching the TV miniseries "Sherlock" the other day (loved it), and it made me wonder - as Batman is often referred to as the world's greatest detective, does his intellect work in the same way as Sherlock Holmes or is he more dependent on his knowledge and technological data to gather information? Because I've never thought of Batman as the type of hero who can look at a dead body and know exactly what happened to the victim by observing the tiniest details, I've always thought of him more like the type of detective that uses great knowledge in many fields to solve puzzles and crimes. Or does Batman in fact possess that kind of observation skills? I'm not disputing Batman's intellect, because everyone knows Batman is a damn resourceful man, I just can't recall ever seeing him tell a person's life story just by looking at him/her or display such deduction skills as Sherlock Holmes uses (anyone who has seen the series or movies will know what I mean). Anyone got scans or examples of Batman displaying such deduction skills? I certainly wouldn't mind if Batman does have such skills, it would only make him even more awesome :-)