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This man was not a member of the London Police force, Liam realized as three more projectiles were fired towards him. There were no demands for surrendering or announcements made about the building being surrounded. The only words that came out of the assailant's mouth before pulling the trigger were "A mutant" asked out loud and with alarm. That's when Liam had presumed that the man was here to kill him, but not originally knowing what he was up against.

As the bullets came within a millisecond of striking his chest, Liam instantly evaded them by rolling towards his right. He could have just stood still as they had hit their mark and although they would have barely done anything to incapacitate him, he was not fond of the pain that came with being shot. So, he displayed a remarkable feat of speed and agility that would also reveal more of the creature his attacker was facing. "No... Not just a mutant." Liam responded as he slowly rose back up to his feet. "A monster!" He announced as the echo from the first bell of midnight rang a few kilometers away, at the large clock tower at the Palace of Westminster known as 'Big Ben'.

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Sounds like he has gone soft.

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Haven't met yet.

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@darkchild: Liam slowly nodded head, he had always wanted the world to change, but not for the better. For society to understand, he originally thought that the world needed to be brought to near destruction. However that was a long time ago and over the last few months, his perspective on the subject had been radically changing. "I willing to change for the greater good." He responded. (Apologies for the short post, getting kinda busy)

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Normally Liam would have detected the intruder as soon as the man had entered the gallery, but he was entirely focused on Katrina. “You have no idea how important you are to me.” Liam whispered, watching with hungry eyes as his prey convulsed from overwhelming pain. Soon, Liam would take this tormented and brutalized woman, and transform her into a work of art. Her body would become a canvas, her blood would substitute for paint, and Liam’s keratin razors would act as several brushes. Katrina would become the reincarnation of ‘Black Mary’, the final part to his Canonical Five, his masterpiece.

Having become lost within his imagination, Liam was left vulnerable to the intruder that hid in the darkness across from him. It was not the loud discharge of the firearm that brought him back to reality; it was the sharp pain of the projectile as it ripped through the flesh of his stomach and burrowed deep into his intestines. His body then recoiled from the impact, sending him stumbling backwards a couple of steps before regaining his footing.

Without checking on his wound, Liam stared towards where the attack had originated from. His infrared sight revealing a man-shaped heat signature that hid in the shadows. “I see you.” Liam announced with a snarl that displayed a mixture of both anger and pain. What followed was a moment of silence as Liam glared towards the intruder. Was this man a cop who had followed him inside? Liam wondered just before the silence had been broken by the sound of the wounding bullet being forced out of his body and dropping to the floor.

Liam began to approach his attacker, taking one long stride over the now unconscious body of Katrina and glancing at her for a moment. “Stay right there. We’re not finished yet.” His sight shifted back towards the heat signature. Twitching his wrists, Liam’s claws slowly carved out from his closed hands, setting into place as they extended just over twelve inches from his knuckles.

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Approaching the front entrance to the popular Whitechapel Gallery, Liam checked the LED display on his phone and smiled. Midnight was only eight minutes away and he had so much to do before the first bell. Reaching into his pocket, he took out a single brass key then slid it comfortably into the lock and turned it counter clock-wise. The latch that barred any intruder from entering at night, gave away, allowing access for Liam. He glanced over his shoulder, ensuring that no one was watching then proceeded to enter, locking the door behind him.

The interior of the gallery was dimly lit with candle-shaped bulbs, which suited Liam as it was easier for his naturally enhanced eyes to adjust. He had always preferred darker settings as they would always bring a soothing feeling. This sensation was however magnified by the eerie calmness each work of art projected. With every step he took that brought him further in the main hall, Liam had shifted his sight from one piece of human expression to another.

Liam then stopped near the end of the hall and looked up towards the ceiling and grinned. His fangs glimmered from the illumination of one the nearby candle-bulbs. “Hello Katrina.” He addressed the woman above, who had been hanging from a rope tried around her wrists. The woman tried to scream back out of fear, but her voice had been muffled by a piece of tape that covered her mouth.

86 Minutes Earlier

Liam had neared the end of the street market and yet, he was still searching for his final victim. Unlike the previous nights, the pressure of time was against him. There were also specific features he felt the last woman had to match. Being that the final victim of the Ripper, ‘Black Mary’, was a tall and slim woman with blue eyes and dark brunette hair, Liam’s victim would need to be the same. Unfortunately, the market had no female occupants that possessed those features. Liam would be forced to extend his search.

It was at a nearby bar where Liam had found his ‘Black Mary’.

Upon entering the popular late-night establishment, he immediately noticed the young woman surrounded by her friends at the far side of the entrance. “Perfect.” He thought out loud before he made his way to the counter and took a seat. He glanced at his phone, with just over an hour; he would have to be quick about his approach.

Present Time

“Why do you look so sad?” Liam asked, noticing tears running down his captive’s face. “We had such a great time at the bar, even though it was brief.” He then checked the time once again. Five minutes remaining, it was time for him to complete his work. “Let’s get you down from there!” Liam announced as he aimed a closed fist towards Katrina and twitched his wrist. A single keratin claw burst from the skin between his far two knuckles and shot upwards, slicing through the rope that hanged Katrina from the ceiling. He watched as the woman fell over twenty feet and landed hard against the marble floor, breaking both her legs. “Sorry.” Liam apologized with an empathetic look on his face, watching Katrina groan in pain. “I guess I should’ve caught you.”