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Athens 5:13 PM

The streets of the city were crowded with thousands of tourists willing to spend much of their hard-earned money to marvel at the beauty of the ancient architecture and culture. Liam was no different. It had been too long since he had gone on a relaxing vacation and forget about all his past and future killings, although they were at times comforting thoughts. But today, Liam was a tourist and bound to act accordingly as he followed his tour guide, the camera on his phone constantly collecting beautiful pictures. "Buildings are not the only beautiful inhabitants of this city." A feminine voice whispered into his ear from behind. Liam smirked at the remark. "What else is there?" He asked without turning to see who had engaged him in conversation. "The people." Another whisper reached his ear along with the warmth of the woman's breath. Liam looked over his shoulder interested to see who this woman was, but was met with the flash of a birght light, blinding him.

Upon recovering his sight seconds later, Liam was no longer on the streets with the tour group, but instead he was inside the dimly lit Temple of Hephaestus, which he had earlier visited. "Liam Szautner. The Canine." The voice seemed to come from the central statue of the Greek God of metallurgy. "Yes?" Liam was stunned. "I have watched you for quite some time and I must say I am impressed." A man dressed in a grey suit and wearing a black fedora emerged from behind the statue and approached Liam, who let out a light chuckle realizing he was not talking to the pagan God. "Something innacurate with my appearance?" The man asked. "No I just thought you were the statue, please continue." Liam leaned against a large stone behind him. "Ah well, I have created a tournament involving several Meta-Humans and I believe you would make an exciting addition to the roster." Liam thought for a moment. "You're not asking me, you're telling me. Meaning I have no choice. This is correct?"

"Yes. You're powers of deduction are impressive." The man spoke with a wide grin. Liam nodded then stood up straight. "So much for my vacation..."

"Think of this opportunity as another part of your vacation." The man responded before disappearing. The room around Canine began to fade and all he could see was darkness.

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