The Temperature Rises Part One

Ottawa, capital city of Canada, a place where Liam Szever thought he would never return to again. With arms raised, he approached the armed RCMP officers that guarded the gated entrance the 24 Sussex Drive. Six of the ten men left their post to meet Liam, their firearms trained on Liam's forehead. "I have an appointment with him." Liam announced, stopping in his tracks and dropping to his knees. He knew the procedure even if he had never experienced it. One of the guards walked around Liam and grabbed his arms, placing them together behind Liam's back. The guard nodded to another who holstered his sidearm and removed a set of handcuffs from a pouch attached to his kevlar vest. He walked around Liam to join his fellow guard and crouched down, placing the restraints on each of Liam's wrists. "Let's go." One of the two guards ordered, forcing Liam back on his feet, and took his gun back out, pressing the end of the barrel against the back of his prisoner's head.

The large metal gate automatically opened as the Liam and the group of guards began to escort him onto the premises. "Understand this freak, you make any type of move other than the ones that we instruct you, I put a bullet into the back of your head. I understand that will only put you under for a while but after we secure your body, we'll remove your heart and cut your head off. Do you understand?" The very descriptive threat was delivered with an angry tone from the man that held his weapon against Liam's head. "Yes, sir." Liam replied.

As the two guards who held onto Liam approached the front door of the four story limestone house, the remainder of the escorts returned to their post at the front gate. The door opened to reveal more guards, these ones wearing heavier body armor and equipped with assault rifles. Their faces were covered with masks and goggles. "We'll take him from here, thank you sergeant." The closest to the door spoke, grabbing Liam's shoulder and aggressively pulling him inside. "He's been compliant." The guard who had threatened Liam responded before he and his partner saluted and walked away.

"When we enter the office, you will be seated at the leather chair that faces the desk. You will be surrounded by my men for his protection. You move at all and you will be fired upon. Am I clear?" Liam sighed, so much inconvenience for this meeting, he thought. "I understand sir." Liam was led through several hallways and two sets of stairs before finally entering the office that the guard mentioned. It was exactly what he had pictured, a large desk and office chair that faced towards a leather chair in the center of the small room. Liam was immediately seated and the guards surrounded him, leaving enough space for him to view the desk in front of him. "Target is secure." One of the guards spoke into a receiver on his wrist. The door behind Liam opened and a pair of footsteps could be heard.

"Liam Szever, welcome to my home. Glad you came." A familiar voice spoke out, as he walked around the guards and took a seat at the desk. "Hello Mr. Prime Minister." Liam replied with a smirk. "You said this was important. So important that you would grant me a full pardon for all my crimes committed on Canadian soil, which I must say whatever this is about, interests me a lot."

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Awww, why'd you have to make a deal with the canadian president?

I would have busted you out!

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@Alice_Summers: Because I have to clean up my own mess

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I'll get a maid >:P