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I gotta agree with Rob Paulsen. Even though I wouldn't put together Greg Cipes' voice with Michelangelo, my favorite Turtle as a kid, it's an unbelievably smooth match. Certainly glad I left my nostalgia goggles at the door when I finally got to tune into this show, unlike my friends.

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@Mbecks14, @Deadcool: Nice.

@Logan Reilly: The joke is on...who? For what?

@longbowhunter: I hear you dude. I just got into Regular Show. That "Sandwich of Death" episode last week got me laughing harder than anything in a good long while.

@ptigrusmagus: Dude, if you don't like dry humor that deliberately has no punchline, don't read it, but don't go on saying those that do might as well be handling used toilet paper. It never ceases to amaze me how blood-curdling some people can get with unapologetic, nothing-is-sacred-style satire.

@Spideycap: Dude, handle some criticism. I look to Adventure Time the same way as the first three seasons of Spongebob: When it's good it's excellent, but sometimes they can seriously slip up on the characterization and plotting.

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Didn't Del Toro originally want to make a solo Deadman movie? Regardless, I would love to see a film like this with him behind it and a writer he apparently is very confidant with.

David Tennant as John Constantine!

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Wait...are you all saying this is still season 2? Mid-season I can understand, but this is getting ridiculous. Stretch this show even further and eventually it'll have the same pace of Reboot back in the 90's. Not to say that hinders the show's overall quality.

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So Sam Alexander's Dad was in the Corps beforehand? I thought Rich was the only human Nova, or have I not been following the past few years? I understand the defense that Rich died a martyr's death and should be a respected moment...what I don't like is the foe he took down with him, Thanos, is back in action and fighting the Avengers. So what, is it just another hero's death in vain?

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Crisis on Infinite Earths was helmed by George Perez and executed by a handful of writers. The Ultimate Marvel series was penned by three or four writers at a time, and the most continuity problems were not between writers but between writer and artist. When the idea for Age of Apocalypse came about, a core group of writers isolated themselves in a cabin in the mountains to work out all the kinks.

The problem in this reboot lies with the main problem in the characters themselves; the tiring attempt to re-invent a character when the proper thing would be to re-innovate it. I mean Action Comics, Wonder Woman, Swamp Thing, Scott Snyder's Batman...right off the bat, there's some great series. Jim Lee allegedly said a massive board was made to figure out every major DC character and where they would be post-Flashpoint, but apparently some writers missed out on the meeting. I grew up with Marvel, where we are meant to believe events like Galactus' first invasion to the Symbiote Saga were only ten or fifteen years away from present-day events, or just erased entirely. I always felt DC had something special, where there was full knowledge of it's ridiculously long history. There was an era of superheroes before the Justice League, and the experiences of these heroes is what makes them so interesting. Now the Golden Age has been completely erased, the Silver Age Teen Titans seemingly were never an official group, I am especially disappointing in the handling of Catwoman. I thought this relaunch would shed some light on a character pivotal to the Batman mythos, yet has no clear origin, motivation or standpoint. The fact that Winnick outright ripped off the already lame Batman Returns story...just dumb.

I agree with Linkara that for as many great things that have come out of this reboot, the bad things seem so much worse in comparison. The fact that DC puts up those polls online over what fans would like to see and then promptly remove it when it is chock full of "Bring back pre-New 52" is evidence that little energy was put into this thought, and it sounds like things are just a mess right now.

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What comes to mind for me with is Linkara and his inability to ever get off his One More Day soapbox.

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I don't know if Identity Crisis is the best example of Slade's bravado, not that it's lame, but just more of an example of fan worship. Deathstroke is the world's best tactical thinker, working every muscle and brain fiber in his being in not olny holding his ground among metahumans, but repeatedly besting them. In Identity Crisis, Deathstroke barely moved a muscle and took down eight superheroes standing in place, yet lost his shit when he was stabbed in a dead eye. Deathstroke is more of a Xanatos than a Luthor, and that's what makes him so awesome. If they do ever make a Teen Titans movie, while I'm sure Steven Lang can keep his cool, I agree with the idea of Daniel Craig as Wilson, since the biggest complaint against him as a Bond--a lack of swagger form others like Brosnan or Connery--would work brilliantly in this character.

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DeHann sort of has that DiCaprio squint. He's not my first choice, but as a decision of getting bigger star power, I don't mind Jaime Foxx as Electro. Shortly after he's going to be Django with Tarantino, he'll be the President in the next Roland Emmerich, so this line of roles is probably keep going. My real gripe at first was his age; I always envision Electro as a misguided young man who uses the inconvenience of super-powers as a justification to commit heinous acts, but that can still work as an older man burdened by a long, wasted life of failure and regret.

I actually anticipated The Death of Gwen Stacy would be used in this next movie. I predicted the sequel would be set in the college years, where peter meets Harry as his roommate and becomes conflicted between Gwen and MJ. Some might argue the inevitability of Gwen's fate could make the ending anti-climatic, but they could say the same for Uncle Ben, and Martin Sheen's performance is one of the biggest highlights of the last movie. We as an audience is meant to learn to not only care but deeply appreciate the romance between these two (And I hope they can further what that romance really is; they did make a lot of googily eyes, but hopefully they can deepen what the attraction really is), thus making the ending satisfyingly bittersweet. With that, we can end the film with MJ consoling Peter, and carry it on from there.

As you can tell, I'm a fan of this reboot, or at least more of the potential to it.

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I totally understand your point of the film series being primarily about the life of Vader, but to get this new trilogy to work it must extend beyond that. Now about the Skywalker family amidst galactic events, a story on the life of Ben Skywalker would be cool, trying to live up to his father's legacy. I have very little knowledge of the Expanded Universe, so I'm not the best opinion on this. I find it funny that the Expanded Universe spawned out of adaptations of the films, and now the films' future lies in adapting the Expanded Universe.