Fan Casting Call: Guillermo Del Toro's "Heaven Sent/Dark Universe"

This surprised me more than a "Guardians of the Galaxy" movie!

I don't make regular postings on this site, though I would like to. The lack of comic-book stores...and general transportation has left me only able to hear about the comic world through online news, so I'm not so much of a fan than an enthusiast. But I digress; after seeing Iron Man 3, despite all its positives, I can't help but worry this one-film-a-year production line of Marvel movies will ultimately lead to rushed schedules & a degradation in the product despite all amounts of creative effort. That said, I am certainly excited for Guillermo Del Toro's plans for a film adaptation for DC's major magic/fantasy characters. I have total confidence in the filmmaker's decisions, production & casting-wise, but I really couldn't help myself to daydream about the cast for this upcoming project.

Going back to me being a "comic-book enthusiast", most of these characters I have little connections with, mostly getting impressions through hearing other people talk or write about them. Regardless, here's my two cents for my dream cast for Heaven Sent/Dark Universe. Before we start, research on pre-production for the film I discovered Del Toro, in addition to John Constantine, Zatanna, Swamp Thing, Deadman & The Demon, he also has plans to include The Floronic Man (As a villain? Protagonist?) I have the least knowledge of this character, so I'll leaved him out, though I will mention fan castings elsewhere have included Steve Buscemi & William Defore. Now, let's begin:

DEADMAN: Doug Jones/Billy West

I will admit I have seen little material featuring Deadman, save for the cameos he had in Kingdom Come & The Books of Magic. With this as well as a quick Wikipedia scan, I've gathered Boston Brand was an egotist who was given an extraordinary gift after his sudden murder, and out of his many paths towards retribution discovers the bigger picture, the interconnectedness of us all, and becomes a better (dead) human being for it.

Doug Jones has a long history of working under heavy make-up & with Del Toro, so a move like this is seamless Plus, his lanky build & past profession as a contortionist would work well with Boston's skeletal, trapeze-twirling physique. Jones is used to being lip synced, and I feel the talents of voice actor Billy West would best fit Deadman's snarky dialogue, but with the occasional undertones of frustration & lessons learned. It can be a simple but effective delivery that can be well applied with Jones' mannerisms & imitated by other actors, since I predict Del Toro will depict Deadman's abilities of possession.

JASON BLOOD/ETRIGAN: Christopher Meloni

Ever since my TV was stuck on USA Network for two days (Which basically meant it was stuck on Law & Order: SVU & Burn Notice), I knew this guy Meloni had a limitless range that this show barely scraped along. He has a stone-cold mug & a piercing squint that DiCapprio has nothing on. Another online fan casted Billy Zane as Etrigan's human alter-ego, and I certainly think Zane can pull off the whole immortality thing (The clips of Meloni in True Blood seem to come off as too modern to me, though maybe that's the thing about vampires in True Blood. I haven't been able to get into it), I definitely think Meloni can pull off both roles effortlessly. As Jason Blood, he can bring in subtlety with sinister intimidation, truly a guy that has the power of Hell underneath his skin. As Etrigan, hopefully he could follow Mark Ruffalo from The Avengers and perform all the stunt/voice work himself, I definitely believe he could do it ( I recall Alan Moore describing acting out Etrigan's mannerisms & vocal patterns himself to get a feel on how the character talks & moves around in Writing for Comics. Give it a read.)

ZATANNA: Rebecca Hall

One of the problems I had when walking out of the theater from Iron Man 3 was the lack of development for Ms. Hall's character, to the point where if they just cut her out of the film there wouldn't even be a problem. I could tell she was trying to work with the limited material given to her, and has a pretty good repertoire already (Frost/Nixon, Vicky Christina Barcelona, The Town) without still being too well-known. In Iron Man she had a snappy & irreverent delivery, sort of like Jeneane Garofalo. Mix that with a touch of playfulness & charm, and I think she can really capture Zatanna. So long as the top hat & fish-nets are changes for something else; I highly doubt that can be translated into a film, and Smallvile doesn't count.

SWAMP THING: Ron Perlman

This was the second one I had the quickest time deciding. Come on, who else in a Del Toro movie would be willing to act through layers of make-up effects & with an inimitable voice & delivery to boot (I just assume, since it's Del Toro, that they're going with make-up for the Swamp Thing, especially considering his admittance for love toward the character). I myself have a strong admirance for Swamp Thing, though that admirance comes from limited reading, such reading that would make me a lousy contender to attempt to predict Del Toro's choice with the character. The director has said Swamp Thing will be introduced into the film by which time he has accepted his nature--excuse the pun--and crucial responsibility in the world. In what I've read of Alan Moore's famous run, ST just now learned of his regeneration process, and in Scott Snyder's recent run, I didn't even get past him being human. With such massive power at his disposal, I can predict he may serve as a "gentle giant" character, working with Constantine as a favor or something, and perhaps his calm disposition could help Deadman to learn to accept his failures. And finally, I get to the lead...


Paul Bettany, Jude Law and a few others across the web have been nominated for this role, and yeah, those blokes are pretty bloody talented, but to me, I just feel the former Doctor would fit into the role of the scruffy but lovable Constantine like a glove (On a side note, when I was reading Hellblazer in high school, I always imagined the voice of Jason Statham for Constantine, but wouldn't nearly work in film form, because...well, The Stath + Hair = Really Weird. That's really all I have to say about Tennant; it's was my first choice upon hearing of this film, and I can't really articulate it that much. Well, I've gone on enough anyways; what're all your opinions, on my list or your own?



Definately night; I mean, c'mon, most of the most powerful and most frightening characters always plan their activities at night; it's the best time to scare the crap out of thos no-good crooks:

Although I do wonder how Daredevil and Batman do all their vigilate activities and still manage not to be dead tired in the morning (Geez, no wonder Bats and DD are so hostile to criminals).

The Man Without Fear (but not fortune)

Granted, a lot of people that have already been mentioned I could agree with (Spider-Man, Tim Drake, etc.) But I'm gonna hafta settle my money on Daredevil. One, for god's sake, the dude's blind.  Two, his Dad got whacked by a crimelord, and there was nothing legal he could do about it, which is why he started the whole vigilate thing. Three, he's been tortured socially, psychologically, and phicically by the likes of Mysterio and the Kingpin. Fourthly, pretty much every one of the chicks he hooks up woth ends up brutally dying or going nuts. And let's not forget Bendis' story, outing his secret identity. In the end, he got locked in the slammer. Talk about depressing.