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I currently reside in Pensacola, Florida as part of a . In my spare time I try to hone my writing skills; my screenplays and short-stories of deeper emotional detail are put on reserve while I practice story-structure and characterization on established comic-book themes and elements. I don't envision myself as a super-hero comic writers (I have a more mature series in mind inspired by books like Fables, Preacher, Hellboy and Transmetropolitan), but I'm young, I don't where the wind will eventually take me. Instead of hoping to make ground on established comic-book continuity, I like to examine the famed characters themselves. I believe superheroes are living hyperbole, an over-exaggerated natural ingredient to real-life human conflicts and traits. By making stories about them can we also learn more about ourselves. Right now though, I just use the aforementioned fan-fiction, and so far my projects are television-oriented: New Warriors: The Animated Series and Ultimate Superman: The New Man of Steel. Someday I might fill these ideas out and post them in a blog for viewer comment; that is, if I can find the gumption to finally sit down and put it all down. Right now, I got to go to work.