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"Religion...What do you think?"

IMHO, its bullshit, nothing good has ever come from it. Yes, even the social aspects, like human networking. Why? Because of fanatics who blindly follow other flawed human beings who then repeat the bullshit when they get promoted to the position of "teacher" aka brainwasher brainwashing other potential fanatics.


Just going to let that sink in for a second and then tell you I know there is a God from a personal relationship in which I am loved.

Personally, I am certain God loves those who bring up questions and seek answers, testing them for their irrefutable truth. Scientific method is unvarnished loving, IMHO. Just try to remember it used to be an accepted fact in scientific circles in the past that the earth was the center of the universe. ;) Theories today taken as fact today may be gone tomorrow.

Sometimes we seem like little children who go to their parents and say "If you are so big and mighty, why didn't you stop me from hurting myself, huh!?!" If you were that parent and love that child would you:

A) Remove all choice from them, have them never make a choice without your say so.

B) Ask them not to hurt themselves again and give them a choice.


Religion sucks. Loving relationships are cool. :D

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Finding out you can talk to animals just as the wolf pack closes in for the kill.

Finding out your thoughts show up in computers just as you send off an email to all your friends and your thoughts are "What a bunch of *..."

Finding out you can fly just as you go in for the perfect 10 dive at the Olympics.

Finding out your skin goes hard as diamond just as you are about to receive a life saving dose of serum to counter act that deadly snake bite.

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Speaking as a father of a daughter: I feel for his family.

With regards to the manner of his death: I highly suspect this was a case of medical mis-diagnosis, which led to legal medical drug complications resulting in death. I am not sure how many people realize that people get seriously hurt by mis-diagnosis, even killed. I wonder if the investigators questioned his doctor and then got a second opinion. Also, I would be asking about the drug makers too, sometimes certain complications get down played so they can make a buck - well, that's an understatement.

Speaking as someone who has experienced depression: If he was depressed, sucking it up and taking it like a man would make it worse. Seeing as he was an actor, they do tend to be extroverted rather than introverted, so chances are he would have had a melt down that would have gone public somehow, like a house staff member leaking it to the press or whatever.

Speaking as a movie fan: A Knight's Tale. I enjoyed his contribution to my entertainment, it will be missed.

Speaking as a comic fan: Joker killed Heath! Damn you Joker! (please note this is meant tongue in cheek and a reflection on just how crazy Joker is as a character)

With regards to how the story is being reported: Is it just me or does it seem like the media latched on to this in a excessive manner, as if they don't want to report other kinds of news? Like say war ... sorry, conflicts :x "Oh hey, look at our soldier's body bags and coffins, but wait! Brittany / Paris / Random Celebrity is at it again!" Ugh, the state of our reporting is sad and a dishonor to Heath Ledger's memory.


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Copy! I look at your first sketch, then I look at this. I can so see you improving! Look at those shapes and colors! Oh, the proportions!

I'm serious Copy, you are getting better. I love it! I hope you keep sketching, I know it brings me joy when I do my silly sketching too.

I can even see a story in your sketches, those are like coat of arms: The Kite Shield Banner filled with a breeze ... The Sword & The Serpent, a tale of dastardly deeds and heroic tales.

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The best thing I can say about Bush? Does it include his Administration?

In one word: Impeachment.

If the US can impeach a President for lying about getting his dick wet, you sure as hell can impeach this Administration for the lies it has told its citizens.

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Even if the Predator blasts Wolverine's head off? - With his, I'm going to call it, shoulder mounted plasma cannon.

Predator's cloak is toast, I see James countering that with his sense of smell.

Predators ranged bladed weapons pack enough punch to take Logan out if it takes him in the head.

Heck, even Predator's net weapon could put Patch in a pickle if he doesn't cut out of it fast enough.

But with his senses, battle experience, healing, claws (adamantium or not), and especially if he gets his hands on some ranged weaponry as well, the Predator is going to get owned by Weapon X, short of setting off the self destruct.

Also, if this Predator in training, doing his graduation day Alien hunt, rogue hunter, or an elder Predator is going to make a big difference in how fast the Predator gets cut in to pieces by Wolverine.

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I've been doing some thinking about that whole "No two characters have the same ability" thing:

1) Flight - Flying boy (his name is West?) and Nathan Petrelli - What are different ways a 'powered' character can fly? My guess is one can manipulate gases aka air, and the other can manipulate the forces of gravity, which one has which I don't know.

2) Mental Manipulation - Remember the "suggestion" chick in Season One that Sylar takes out when he escapes the company? How is that not a copy of Policeman Parkman ... and his dad? Oh, and Illusions, apparently his dad does them, but so does another chick from Season 1 who tricked Micah... And we still don't know what Peter's Mom does, but we do know she seems to have a habit of manipulating people and on some level is able to resist Parkman digging around in her mind and using mental suggestions on her.

3) Technology Manipulation - Speaking of Micah, who else remembers the chick who talked to the nuclear man through the computer?

What is the source for that saying, "No two characters have the same ability", being related to Heroes anyways? If the people making Heroes did say it, sure doesn't seem like they are following it.

Speculation, IMHO, there are a few people or a new character that could have wasted Nathan Petrelli:

1) Haitan seems to be able to cancel out other's abilities.

2) Parkman's Dad could get past his inexperienced son and throw up a few illusions to keep Peter from knowing he was being had and stopping it.

3) We still don't know what Peter & Nathan's mom can do.

4) From what we know of Sylar possibly being like in the future, he could want keep people having 'powers' on the down low till he was the strongest, but I am not sure if the time frame works for that.

5) A mystery character who can counter both Parkman and Peter.

I ruled out the Invisible Man because Peter can see him. Also, I am completely stumped as to which kind of power it would be possible Peter couldn't counter by absorbing that 'powered''s ability, when he seems to be able to do if he is just near someone but I am unsure what the range is on Peter's absorb ability.

Oh which reminds me, I should check to see if Peter is listed as absorbing power or mimicry, because I would think those are different things...
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Does the question mean a good character to read or a character of good alignment?

If the first: IMHO, a good character is one that is able to entertain in many different areas. So, it needs to reach a viewer on a emotional level, a visceral level, a inspirational level, and a substantial level. These means, the viewer should want the emotional range, the amount of sex and violence, the morals, and the believability that the character is dishing out. If at any time the character is not meeting the viewer's entertainment expectations, for that viewer it is a bad character.

If to the second: Totally decided by the alignment structure of the universe the character is in and if that meshes with what the viewer will accept as "good". Different settings present different ranges of good, evil, and everything in between, if there is anything in between for that setting. The writer decides the laws by which their setting is governed and if the reader can accept the laws, then what passes for good determines what makes a "good" character.

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Does Hawkman have some ranged? I could have sworn Apocalypse's Angel could shoot razor feathers at others, unless Hawkman has some method of combating that, like if Angel has a limited supply of the razor feathers and he can aerial acrobat long enough to bring the fight close for the use of the mace, Angel does have a chance of taking this one.