What I think would help the RPG forum and the Comic Vine as a Whole

Add RPG like elements to My Vine, points that could be used to determine a CV user VS CV user battle in a friendly way.

1) Stats to a super power, where the points are first selected from a pool and then awarded afterwards for actions that you think help Comic Vine seem like a fun place to be: be careful it is in a way that can not be exploited by spam. Plus it means that the more powers you pick for your CV character, the less the points will spread over those.

2) Adding weaknesses adds to your initial point pool. Basicly extra points to spend elsewhere for being a weakling in some way.

3) Add reputation points, anonymously added by other users at most once per day per user for the user, that determine the "popularity" factor that writers use in creative license in comic books when they face one good guy off against another or bad guy vs bad guy. Basicly its the tie breaker if stats match up perfectly and if the random factor does as well.

4) Quick combat system, paper rock scissors like, where powers face off against other powers, that at first is one VS one, but hopefully later takes into account group vs one and group vs group. Allow ways to write in creatively what happened after the results are already determined.

5) Allow a Comic Vine user's character to join a Comic Vine team.

6) Allow for additions, like base building, gear acquisition, research and development that a character spends its Comic Vine cash on somehow. How the cash is accumulated is by a set amount of time, like this much per day, based on perhaps points spent on origin story (or lack there of) towards different levels of starting income, on a scale similar to what comic book characters have AND also rewarded through bonuses, from evil deeds, neutral deeds, or good deeds.

( The point of this is a "game" that attracts users to your site and keeps them coming back. ;) plus allows for some interesting match up in the RPG forums )


Why a silly Canadian man has really big sideburns...

Gambler says:

"Do you look like Wolverine on purpose? Or were you born that way?"

Honestly, I was born that way. I know, sounds like bullshit to even me, but when I was about 11 or 12 when I was first growing facial hair, and I don't mean just peach fuzz, I would mess around with what I could do with it. One day I saw a black and white picture of an old man that had these huge side burns. I just had to try it out, and I have loved growing it out that way ever since, especially since no one else seems to dare it. Didn't even know what or who a Wolverine was until a kid at school called me that, its not like I have been able to afford comics other than hand me down Archie Comics before that anyways. Even then, I only figured out that Wolverine was a comic book character when I saw the title on a rack at a grocery store. When I got into online gaming, I remembered the nickname and started using it. Only there are alot of other people who like using it too, so to add a bit of individuality to it, I added Canadian on the front...

I don't think its a dick question, being asked "You do know The King is dead, right?", in reference to Elvis, is a dick question.



Heroes Season 1 DVD Entertain Dad

This set cost my family about $56 CDN from Walmart, and for its incredible entertainment it is very much worth it.

I can barely wait for the 2nd Season to come out on DVD.

Yeah, you read that right, on DVD. I hate TV with a passion, I get more value from Youtube than TV most of the time and DVD is the way to go if you don't want to always being shelling out your precious time to commercials and no pause.

Of course, my wife loves TV, so... =P =)

Oh and by the way, if you have any interest in the life of this lil'canuck, TJ and I had a big (9lbs 12 oz) girl on July 6, 2007. I love being a father! She is barely 2 months old and Alyssa is such a blast.


Why Being A Good Guy/Gal Rocks

Here's something I came up with on the fly, TOP TEN Reasons Why Being A Good Guy/Gal Rocks.

1) People are inherently messed up, so you're never out of security work.

2) Good governments protect the innocent, so anything else is fair game for a fight.

3) You are far more likely to retire with friends you wouldn't mind sharing down time with.

4) Even if you are physically hurt, you can always find work as a teacher.

5) Less stress from not brooding on and paranoid about diabolical plans. Not to be confused with being duty bound to stop said diabolical plans.

6) Open and honest relationships are possible, so finding your true love more possible, rather than pushing them away by being selfish and conceited.

7) More likely to be "good" looking, so finding a date more possible. Chances are you aren't looking for revenge for a disfiguring scar, just looking to help others be safe.

8) You put on a mask to protect those you love. Note: We have people who love us, even without the mask and stuff.

9) Stress relief is easy, doesn't involve making new enemies in a destructive rage, probably just a jog around town aka patrol or a trip to the gym or even a hug from someone we love.

10) The bad guys always lose, so lots of job satisfaction and pride in our work.


I was ~Methos Pic Pimped~!

Today, I was lucky enough to find a forum post:


In it, Methos, http://www.comicvine.com/myvine/methos/ , another fun Comic Vine user says he is up for making forum pics aka Avatars for people and does he ever!

Here are progression the pics he played with for me:

1^ The Starting Pic




For commentary on the pics and more, please visit the image gallery:


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