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Is Mr.Mxyzptlk allowed to help the comics side?

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@crest said:

-super fast people cant do things before others can think, admit it they have to think just to get moving themselves and then think again to throw a single punch or whatever

Superfast people like Flash, Superman, etc. CAN do things before others can react, because they can accelerate their own brains. Thats why these kind of characters can see the world frozen meanwhile they can move like they normaly do.

1.- A lot of people don't realize or they can't measure how important and overpowered is the power of speed.

Seriously, Superman by example. First than nothing, a hit by Superman would break the barrier of sound, but who cares about the sound, because just one hit would be like a hundred or thousands of atomics bombs just because of the speed of the punch... now imagine beign hit for something like that before you can react like a thousand times in just one second or less.

Fortunate, comics does't stick so hard to science.

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Well, I know everything there is in the universe, even the future..

And I copy the strength of anyone I see.

Goodbye superman, you gone learn today

How you gonna even touch Superman without speed?

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@cadencev2: after going though this yes it is closer to a fair fight but MC still wins IMO due to his durability being much higher ( yes doom has his invunrablilaty but it is temporary MC's shields regen and his armor is much tougher) better physicals( speed is closer but reaction time Chef far out preforms him , strength MC is a 3-5 toner at base compared to the Doom guys boosted temporary strength at 2-3,) and skills MC is a master solder trained since hee was a kid in the art of war doom is a marine, MC has a lot of experience but doom has been though hell ( literally) so I am going to call that a wash

all in all I see MC taking this with a lot of new damage on his armor

Maybe MC has better durability, but he never face a guy who can spam rockets like Doom guy does, and after MC uses his shield, Doom Guy can use his BFG and GG.

I don't understand why people says that MC is faster (Maybe they never played a Doom game?)... Doom Guy was ridiculously faster. And thats where the Screwattack video fails hard, because they mention that Doom Guy can even outrun his own rockets, but in the battle he moves like in slow motion.

Doom Guy win this by his speed and weapons, MC would never be able catch him.

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@reaverlation said:

@fallschirmjager: how TP resistant are they?Fernus can shut their minds off

Edit:Full Power?!As in HoM Wanda?!Get rid of her too

There immunity to telepathy and illusion attacks is on godly universal levels.. they themselves are universal level telepaths//

Any feat or info to backup that?

Not even the Guardians were able the get a real solution for the TP level of Fernus when John (or Kyle, I don't remember) ask for it.

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@starrk01 said:

Avengers. Captain Universe > most of the JL combined

Deadman says hello....


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Both teams gonna waste - maybe a month- a lot of time in research for some information about their foes.

With two months J'onn can turn himself into Fernus... Not sure if the Marvel team could handle that.

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@campodelviolin: he will absorb that to. How does zod even know shaws powers?

Trial and error?

Zod is a trainer soldier (even anyone with a little bit of common sense would get a clue at some point), after some punches he will understand or at least gonna get an idea of what happend, and he will try some other approach.

Meanwhile Shaw got nothing else to hurt Zod.

And now tell me, how Shaw gonna absorb beign asphyxiated.

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Why Zod needs to hit him with kicks or punches? That's so basic.

Zod just walk to get close to Shaw, grab him for his neck and press... just a little bit. The end.

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Come on guys, you don't have to be so rude.

And welcome btw.