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@cameron83: Hmmm, i guess many things contribute to perception of racism. I know blacks who hate to be stereotyped but believe in stereotypes about police. I know some who don't like to go to richer suburbs because they feel they won't be wanted.

But the MAIN THING that pisses me off is everyone screames racism if you say something negative or even non positive about another group of people. I hate that.

Question: is believing in stereotypes enough to call someone racist? Or is it only the negative stereotypes that matter? Ex: I believe black comedians are funnier then white ones. I also believe women comics are not as funny as males. Anything wrong with that?

Well, that's understandable. I mean, it's not really hard to see why some people may feel that way, but I can't talk for all,though.

Often times, when I walk into rich neighborhoods that are predominately white, some people may feel uncomfortable around me, and sometimes they are subtle, other times they are not. Of course, I haven't had such an experience with every predominately white region (many experiences were pleasant). I've also had that experience in minority regions,too, like hispanic communities. But I don't really care tbh, as long as they leave me alone.

I can completely understand where you are coming from. That's kinda why I don't follow certain movements. It's not that I don't think they have a good cause, it's just that if you say anything that doesn't align with their view, they label you a traitor and assume you are an enemy. Look at how many people reacted to what Kendrick Lamar said. He instantly went from being an idol to a pariah (some even called him an "idiot") because some people jumped to conclusions on what he meant, but that's another discussion....

For example, if you said, "I think that police brutality and profiling against black men is horrible and an injustice (something that cannot be denied), but I also think that we should stop ignoring the big threat of black on black crime." (which is a point similar to what Kendrick said in one of his songs), then some people would instantly think that you are devaluing the life of black males, when the exact opposite is true.

And no, believing in stereotypes isn't enough to call a person a racist. It depends in my opinion, though. I don't think that a person should adhere to stereotypes, lest they become like those people that become uncomfortable whenever I walk in their neighborhood (at the very least, it's not even like I walk/talk/dress in a way much different from them, either. I'm pretty much like Carlton from The Fresh Prince, except less corny).

But to be fair, those seem to be innocent generalizations which may be based off of observations. It doesn't seem the same as a stereotype to me (even though a stereotype is a type of generalization, but not every generalization is a stereotype). A stereotype sounds more like, "I don't trust black people around money because I don't want them to take it" or "The only thing a woman wants from a man is his money". But those are negative stereotypes, as there are ones that are positive, too ("women are more passionate and loving than men" or "Chinese kids are the smartest" ). So no, I don't think that there is anything wrong with those two statements (I mean, Martin Lawrence is my favorite anyway).

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@cameron83: True I can only speak for myself but i highly doubt that everyone is not hypocritical to a degree. Being hypocritical is a form of lying so IMO everyone is guilty.

I think I can understand where you're coming from. I think that I see hypocrisy in these matters quite often. For example, I know of plenty of people (both personally and impersonally) that take offense whenever white people are generalized (even if they weren't, it's just the simple fact that they are even spoken about in a non-positive manner, or as if context doesn't matter), but have no problem generalizing black people. You wouldn't believe the amount of times that I've heard people claim that, just by simply walking into a black ghetto, then any white person is automatically going to be beaten down, as if every poor black person is some racist, uncivilized animal that has never seen a white person before. The stereotypes don't stop there, but I find it ironic when it comes from the same people that "hate generalizations". Or like when white people (understandably) hate it when they are generalized as racists, but these same people have no problem pretending as if racism is the natural state of the black man. Personally, I've just stopped caring.

I've seen variations of this from people of all races (with the respectable stereotypes), but I've seen it most from white guys (probably because most people in the US are white).

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@pooty: Well, technically speaking, you can only speak for yourself in this case.

But I'm not really sure if that was right on any level.

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@cameron83: The last bit I said to be a cunt. But the Chinese point was valid, and it always stumps white people.

Chinese point? Whatever, no one cares about the chinese anyway....

Because they didn't go around murdering and colonizing every other civilization.

......just stop.

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@pooty said:

@thenaughtytitan: @cameron83: fire with fire. people getting a lil to..... comfortable with their questions and insinuations

But doesn't that make you a bit hypocritical?

@cameron83: The last bit I said to be a cunt. But the Chinese point was valid, and it always stumps white people.

Chinese point? Whatever, no one cares about the chinese anyway....

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@failswitch said:

Let's not kid ourselves here. Any race with power would of done similar things in the old days, and even without power every race has done despicable things.

The Chinese were advanced, they had gunpowder before the Europeans. Why didn't they go around robbing, raping and pillaging every foreign civilization they saw, like the Europeans? There's something evil/hateful within white DNA, some can suppress it, most can't.

Not gonna lie, but there's something extreme and radical about your views, buddy. In fact, that actually was kinda racist.

@pooty said:
@jeanralphioisback said:

Why are white people such hypocrites?

Why are black people so gullible?

pooty, do you dislike black people or something to a degree or were you just fighting fire with fire?

@thenaughtytitan said:
@jnr6lil said:
@jeanralphioisback said:

Why are white people such hypocrites?

Jnr6lil, you sir are racist and extremely bitter.

So...what about pooty's comment?

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This is the exact crap I'm talking about.

I know that I'm supposed to love and respect other people, but the people on the internet make it increasingly difficult....

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Can you guys please stop?

Like, seriously?

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We already have a religion thread for people to ask ridiculous questions like these iirc

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@pooty: Just asking, so please don't take this the wrong way, but what did you imagine them to be like? Did you actually believe that rubbish that he said or something? I'm kinda confused....