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Oh,and the entire cast of the big bang theory.....

Agents of Shield

Two and a half men


Most of the cast from "The walking dead"

The cast of Supernatural

Disney Channel


Cartoon Network

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I'm not talking about the Walter Whites or Kenny Powers type characters that are supposed to be somewhat bad people I'm talking about the guys who are treated like they are actually decent people with good hearts despite all evidence to the contrary.

1. Patrick Star- Okay I know Sponge Bob is a kids show so they can't be too mean with a character but this guy on top of being a complete idiot is also selfish, over confident and hateful to a dangerous degree.

2. Johnny Test- This show's adulation of stupidity is sickening enough but the main character is just awful. He never learns anything, he endangers his family and home town on a constant basis for no f**king reason other than being bored. This kid is at best a sociopath.

3. The entire cast of Seinfeld- Seriously the whole lot of them were a bunch of self absorbed pricks but only the short bald guy ever really got called on it until the end of the series. Yes I know George's name.

4. Thea Queen from Arrow- I know lots of people hate on her but there's a reason. She always comes off a whiny rich girl. Her brother comes home after being as far as she knows lost on a deserted Island for 5 years and instead of being happy he returned she subjects him to a series of uncalled for guilt trips even once implying that Ollie should feel sorry for surviving even despite the fact that she had accepted him as dead. She has slightly improved this season but she still as a long way to go for me to legitimately give a s**t about her.

Feel free to bring up your own lists.


@mitran said:

Everyone on Disney Channel. Literally every single character.


And as for mine,the entire cast of Rules of Engagement.

Adam is not funny,none of them are,but especially not Adam. He acts like he's mentally retarded (literally. Not saying this as an insult,he really acts as if he is retarded). And the jokes he tells are less than puns,they're like fart jokes in my opinion. This is the type of joke that every cast member tells; They make asinine puns that just feel forced. And Russell,ugh,it's just painful. He's the epitome of pathetic and he is the main one that makes these type of jokes,but instead they are sex jokes. After that,he then smiles and gives an awkward glance at the person he's talking to as if he said something witty.

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It all depends i mean if batman just went up and cold clock superman. That wouldnt make superman bleed but for MOS2 i figure he will be in a suit like in TDKR and they will most likely intraduce Kryptonite or red sun so then Superman is weakened so ya i think a punch form batman can make superman bleed he just needs the right moment

PS batmans regular suit isnt kevlar anymore

I don't really think that they are going to do that in the movie or introduce Red sun or anything like that......

What is his regular suit made out of?

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@ravisher said:

thors winning?

its because his movies out isnt it?

and because Thor: main character, more popular

Faora: secondary character, less popular

Not everyone who votes Thor is doing so because he is more popular. -__-

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........I can'

I can't even....

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Saiyans are more powerful, Ninjas are more flexible.

I think both are lame.

I think the Devil fruit concept is more original and fun.

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Welp, I finally got to 10,000 posts here on the Vine.

Celebrate me. *Sits on throne*

How the f*ck?!?!

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Daredevil,Captain America,Black Widow,Elektra,Deadpool,Wolverine,Batman,Wonder Woman,Captain Marvel (carol),Hawkeye,most of the bat family,Bucky Barnes,Cyclops,most every X-men member,Black Canary,Black Cat,Catwoman,tons.........

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@bezza said:

Flicking through two graphic novels today, Hush and Dark Knight vol 1 Knight Terrors and Batman gives superman some cracking punches and actually draws blood. My question is, "would this really happen?" I mean Superman can take a hell a lot of punishment, i.e. he didn't bleed in MOS, so would a Kevlar gloved punch from a non super-powered human really draw blood?

He was wearing a Kryptonite ring in Hush,which weakens Superman....and he almost broke his hand,as well