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There are only like 4-5 people that actually make this thread tbh, while the rest are just white noise (me included)....I like it.

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@princearagorn1: No problem, mate ^__^

Honestly, I think that this is just a disaster waiting to happen. Hopefully, it doesn't happen at all.....

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@static_shock: You know, you literally look like a slightly darker Omari Hardwick from Power (on Starz, which is my favorite show at the moment)

Omari Hardwick Joins Starz's POWER

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Honestly, the comments in this thread are decent so far.

And yeah, she's a f*cking moron, if that wasn't evident enough.

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There is literally a thread where all of this stupidity can be concentrated....


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Actually KKK members do say that. Even Jesus is not good enough for them despite being very christian.

We can't know exactly how they feel, however the fact they protested/rioted Brown's death shows they don't believe anything the government say nor have any trust in the court system at all.

Most I've seen still say Brown was a victim despite everything proving that Wilson's story is the right one. The people that suffered the most from that protest/riot was the people that lived there, almost no one gained anything from it.


Not every member in every post they rage with claims "every black person ever in existence" or anything close to it. They just making sweeping generalizations, yet they do not necessarily make claims that go so far. And in any case, let's assume that they do....that really doesn't negate the point, it just makes the conversation longer than it needs to be. People that make racist and ignorant comments on, let's say, Youtube against black people (which is on pretty much most videos featuring a black person lol) don't necessarily always say that. Or the same thing with people on TheAmericanThinker. Heck, people on the latter site pretty much claim that "I have a black friend that I love dearly, but (insert atrocious generalization about all of the others)" and everything in between. Put simply, what I am trying to say is: That the inclusion of all members of the race is not necessary for it to come off as racist or bigoted, basically. If that's the case, well, since many StormFront posts don't take the time to mention such inclusions in every post, why should we even consider them racists? (rhetorical).

To be fair, though, I am pretty sure that those people have the collective intelligence of a rock LOL


It's one thing to say that they don't trust the government or trust the court system.

It's one thing to say that most people still believe that Brown was the victim even if he wasn't.

It's also one thing to say that they protested the ruling because they don't agree with it, which is the only real conclusion that we can make from them protesting it (we cannot technically assume that they have no trust in anything the government says because that's pushing it. Many of them don't, but many of them do).

It's another thing ENTIRELY to say erroneously that they are just a bunch of racists that hate white people and that's why they are protesting. Put simply, that's a literal non-sequitur and not the reason that the vast majority of them are protesting. The reason that they protest is because they perceive it an injustice that the officer gets to walk. Clearly they don't agree with the ruling and, after multiple perceived injustices, of course they won't trust the court system.(Although I am definitely sure that there may be some people close to how you describe) And to be fair, I wouldn't put all of my faith in the court system entirely (that's pretty much just naive. The fact of the matter is that it's not unheard of for a police officer to commit an injustice against a person, and in this case especially, a minority, and walk relatively free. Sure, the public may hate them, but that literally pales in comparison to being killed. It does depend on the case, of course, and I don't really have a care in the world one way or another for that particular case). Personally, I don't agree with their views (and I assume you don't either), depending on what that particular view may be (for example, I don't really think that it's as bad as being "open season on black men", but I do believe that black males have to worry the most about racial profiling), but I understand their point and where they are coming from. But that's about as far as we can go in terms of drawing conclusions without grasping for metaphorical straws.

Lastly, protesting is much different than rioting. Honestly, I don't think protesting is all that effective. I mean, nowadays, unless there's something special about it, it will pretty much just be ignored. However, I commend these people for at least trying to make a change unlike the people that rant and whine on Twitter or something....I mean, if there was an issue at hand, sitting at home and doing nothing can't possibly be more productive than going out and making a change. However, protesting in particular usually leads to....not much change, but hey, that's just me being cynical, so you can disagree if you wish.

Rioting on the other hand is just idiotic and wild. It results in nothing productive and, if anything, only harms the community affected. The two aren't really close to being the same.

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@spidey_jackson: I answered the question. It was a direct question, bro. That's pretty much the only meaning to it.

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The MCU doesn't have anything like The Dark Knight.

@rpgesus said:

What? How does it compare to dark knight? Also not the best marvel movie ... pretty on par with antman

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@rd189: Rap is pretty much known for being competitive. It's not unheard of for a rapper in a beef to pretty much end another's career. To be honest, though, this feud between these two have been very underwhelming so far, especially considering who it's between. I mean, you would think that two of the biggest names in rap would make better responses, especially after seeing what they are capable of, amiright?

lol at these: