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Why do I like comics?

The same reason people love football.But only more iconic...

Why do I hate race changes in film?

  • That dumbass logic that changing a characters race suddenly makes you open-minded and fixes the diversity problem is bull. That doesn't fix the diversity problem (in representing different groups of people to better fit how society currently is.A big bowl of soup =D).In fact,it's a slap in the face to the character and in representation. It's simply a fail. It's like "Hey,representation? We GOT THIS! Hey look,we changed the race of a white character into a black one! This cheap knockoff will suffice,right?!"
  • Even though a characters race/sexual orientation,etc doesn't affect the quality of the movie or the character,a characters race is STILL part of them.It doesn't make the acting better/worse,doesn't affect the plot (most likely),doesn't affect the character,etc...it doesn't impact anything.However,it's still part of the character. It's part of who they are. In fact,to change so wouldn't make the character the same character,just someone else bearing their name and title.