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@tellumo: I don't think it's all that bad. She's arched, sure, but not broke-back. At least her back and her front aren't pointing in the same direction.

I'm kinda diggin' the vintage tat illustration style.

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I am stupid excited for this. The online class I took (Gender Through Comic Books) had an interview with her, and she talked some about Sonja -- summer can't get her fast enough.

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@shadowsnake89: That space wasn't good for much else. The shelves are only 4" deep, so it didn't allow for a lot of display area. Since I took that photo, we bought a bunch of Ikea bookcases to line a wall. Deeper shelves allowed me to unbox a bunch more. (Need to make risers so the ones in the back are more visible.)

Hoping to go to a big toy show this weekend and see if I can add a little to my insanity.

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It's pretty clear that everyone in the whole world is having more fun than I am this summer. :P Awesome cosplay pics!

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Glad it's not just me! (Firefox 13) I was beginning to wonder if I was not doing something I should've...

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I have over 300 in my collection, mostly the ladies, and the majority of which were purchased 15 years ago or so, before my daughter was born. I don't have them all unboxed, but many are. I have them displayed in our basement.

I've added several to the wall since I took that photo. The science fiction (Star Wars, Star Trek, Babylon 5, etc) are on a different wall. There's boxes yet that I don't have a place to display them.

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Lots of passionate responses to this. :) I'm a little confused over the need to issue a press release for this, but I applaud Marvel for taking the step to let Northstar get hitched. Marriage should not be a political issue, but the fact remains that so long as a bunch of old men in expensive suits make the rules the rest of us must follow, whatever they don't like (whether that is gay marriage or birth control) will be politicized. *shrug*

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'Allo! Also new. Have been using the awesome character info for a while working on a project of mine, thought I should join. Maybe even will have something worth contributing, eventually.

I'm into comics for the heroines. Which could sound totally pervy from a certain perspective. I like the strength of women in comics, even though the costumes are ridiculous. (Yeah, yeah, I know that men are the majority who buy them and marketing to where the money is just makes sense, blah blah blah.) Anyway, introducing myself and sounding like a radical feminist wasn't my intention. I love the genre in film, and would rather watch Iron Man destroy several city blocks than watch some "heart-warming" chick flick. And if I have to endure a little feminine objectification to watch stuff get blown up, then I'll enjoy the pecs... you know, since they're there... >_> Not for any prurient reasons. Because that would be a double standard. Um... I'll be in my bunk...