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And I thought this was thread about racism...

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this is mess-up - sure rape is part of "real", but in "real" man don't single handed lift cars in the air if we dare to dream, let us dream of a better place, so that we might become better persons

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aim for the moon if you miss you'll land amongst the stars

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the "skirt" it has that greek touch that Diana's costume should always have. The "helmet" gives her a more tough look, but it looses to the tiara, because she can't trow it like a boomerang

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wating for the cold front that Europe is dealing with. it should arive here, friday...

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Protross Mothership!!!

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Superman Prime One Million is the one that made Kal Kent so powerfull!! He's the power source!

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maybe they were just smart! - why do you guys think we are the best damn thing, and everybody else were stupid?

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sometimes you even dream you're in a relationship with someone that doesn't exists. sometimes we understand we don’t know the person, other times when our brain gains consciousness it just tries to make sense of the dream by just associate the imaginary person with the most resembled face in out memory to fill in the gaps then you go to her webpage and find something you like about her, and something’s you don’t. however hormones play a cruel trick on you and you can only the stuff you love and filter out everything else… maybe you're subconscious just wanted to make you dream you're in a relationship, maybe the person in it is not the real issue. more interestingly, what could possible motivated you to dream you were in love? the real motivator that made dream about love in the first place, may just as well be anything else, or even ANYONE else… contrary to popular belief dreams are motivated by the past, rather than the future. so some retrospective meditation and introspective thinking may be in order if you really want to understand your subconscious PS – hope you don’t mind, but I kind of laughed a bit at your expense =)