Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

The obvious reason is I like the Star Wars Universe.

I really like the SW comics of Dark Horse. I really enjoyed reading the Clone Wars.
Nevertheless, Knights of the Old Republic is my favourite.

It tells the story of Zayne’s. He was a Padawan wrongly accused of murder his padawans friends. They were murder by their own Masters who framed Zayne for the crime. They had a vision where a red-armored Sith Lord destroys the Jedi Order and they also envision each one of them being killed by the Sith. Their understand of the vision was that one of their padawans would became that Sith. They killed all of their padawans in their own Knighting ceremony. Zayne only survived because he arrived late to the meeting.
Posted by HaloKing343

Hey, I'm glad (and suprised) that you are the first person to say KOTOR. I absolutely love Dark Horse's Star Wars comic series. Republic is one of my favorite comics of all time. I'm glad that you mentioned Star Wars. BTW, check the post under yours.

Posted by sora_thekey

I always questioned if it was a good or bad comic....... I think i should give it a try!!!!

Posted by HaloKing343

Yeah, this is actaully a pretty good place for new readers. After the fallout from the "Vector" crossover event, the KOTOR series is changing a lot. This is a pretty good time to start reading any sort of Star Wars series actually. All of the series are going through big changes right now, so yeah. Jump on board.