Now no one says the utility belt is silly!

  • Room for everything. EVERYTHING!
    Batman has the belt, of course.
  • Spiderman has a belt as well but I think he likes to keep the civilian thing stuck to a wall in web.
  • Some artist do give Superman a small pocket in the belt or in the cape, but he never use neither. I don't even know what he does to clothing when he changes....
  • Ms. Marvel have shown to keep things on her long boots!
  • Wonder Woman just use magic to change costumes, so magic probably keeps her wallet or whatever.
  • Green Lantern do a trick very similar to Wonder Woman, so the Power Ring should
  • Superboy learned to use pants like a man, so he had pockets to put the wallet!
  • Then there are Superheroes like Starfire, the Human Torch and the other Fantastic Four that I what no idea how do they keep their stuff.

Personally I would use the eirther the utility belt or the pants!
Posted by sally_pop

And even plumbers and builders have belts.  Though probably without the batarangs and such like....