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Hooray I love weddings!!!! And cake. I also love cake. But hooray a wedding!!! And wedding cake!!!!

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I love how each individual corps, tribe, Star Sapphires, and Larfleeze have there own side stories. Makes the difficulty of a team seem real, and possibly better then just the differences between emotions. I do wish the Red lanterns book was more integrated to make Bleez's story more easily understood. In Arkillo's storyline, even though the destruction of the Yellow Lanterns took place in another book, the integration of this plot line explains universal happenings better. All around great book!

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um... nah. Lazy super heros are just ones who aren't in the spotlight as much as others. It's like making a comparison to a cop in NYC and a cop in a community of 20 people. The cop in NYC is going to have much more flashy stories to tell, but is he better than the cop that really doesn't have to do much besides look out for his small community. Daredevil's lack of multiple stories maybe due to the lack of crime in his community because he's doing his job well.

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There is no way another x-book can work or could be interesting. Going back in time (lame) x-men hidden years tried that, and that title isn't around anymore. Bendis would be awesome for an x-title and would be a reason to pick it up, but who says its going to be him and how long will he be working on it before he moves on and it becomes another story to buy. I hope this is something awesome and a story with great unveilings of marvel characters. Some of my own thoughts on the First X-men are in line with AVX. The fallout from this event leaves the mutant race to realize they need there own singular team to do what x-men do. The kicker... the first generations of x-men become x-men. So Cyclops, Wolverine, Husk, Beast, Iceman, Rogue, Cannonball, Psylocke, Legion, Magneto, essentially anyone before the Prodigy, Hellion, Surge era, WHILE the Hellion, Surge era and on (new lights and newer new lights) go to school.

Another idea could be the separation of the original x-men and where they are now. Cyclops is running Utopia and after the AVX event who knows what his position could be. Iceman is simply chillen at the school, but again AVX what will happen? Beast is on Secret Avengers and at the school so AVX drama might pull him one way or another. Angel is cuckoo and reverted to a teenaged version of himself with no memory of his days as a first x-men. Jean Grey = Hope in my mind (not just the red hair and green outfit), but the Phoenix Force may imprint Jean onto her giving her the memories and abilities of Jean and possibly the Ms. Marvel version of Jean as well. AND there is Professor X, who made his way into the shadows and could actually play a huge role in bringing mutants back together. They are scattered across so many books and maybe if he was a universal liaison for all there can be more continuity and plausibility to multiple teamed characters like Psylocke, Beast, and of course Wolverine. When you look at where all the first x-men ended up, there is incredible possibilities for where they can go...together?

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Together as a team no way. As one or two solo good guys, maybe.

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Should be some aquatic adept villain from the overall gilled look. If Aquaman takes the lead in defeating him/it this could help his "not punchline" image DC is going for. On closer look, this evil doer has red hands (blood?!?!?) with faces on his forearms, so possibly some sort of life/soul absorption power. Also, some mind power is going on around his head.

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The chance of a loss to a hero comes down to time. If the hero beat the villain in one punch tied them up and went on their way the villain wouldn't be much of a villain and the hero much a hero. Time is everything, the longer the joker is free before Batman catches him the more people he can kill. Technically, those kills are on Batman's head. The story is always better when it is drawn out. Secret Invasion knocked every hero out of the norm. Even those that survived were hurt psychologically and trust issues. So since the hero always have a way of returning from death, the deaths of those they could not save or the destruction they could have prevented is how the heroes' "win" can be judged.

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they probably all have something to keep them warm or cool. Under Armour at the very least. Batman's suits probably are more efficient cop body armor with kevlar and if the cops can make it through he can. Spider-man just needs to check the weather before he goes out to know what suit to put on, he has money to get different kinds and he's been sporting an FF suit, iron spider suit, black suit, just to name a few. Peter Parker is also too smart (something people forget if they only read avengers titles for spider-man), to not know how to keep warm or cool. Rookie heros probably put on the layers or possibly (with a connection or two) some S.H.I.E.L.D gear. Shield agents never seem hot or cold even on the helicarrier, so Cap probably loans some stuff out.

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why can't i watch this?

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the video i've watch isn't doing anything

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