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@johnny_blaze: There are two more issues. They connect to the Spider-Verse event and explain why Doc-Spidey is there in the event. So these are just tie-in issues. Apparently it actually explains what happened in some issue of SSM but I can't remember how. I didn't read SSM, but I'm going to read Spider-Verse, so this is on my pull list.

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My intro into superheroes was Batman, Xmen, and Spiderman the animated series. I didn't start reading comics until much later, but I probably wouldn't have started reading comics if it weren't for these series.

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Agree with the whole article. But I don't think they should change the established characters. And not because I'm against diversity, but because it's just weird. Simply for the fact that when you say (for example) Wally West, a certain image of the character I've known for quite a long time comes to mind. And I like that character. If they had introduced a new flash that was of a different ethnicity and had a different personality from any other flash ever, that wouldn't bother me in the least. In fact, I'd love to see it. But if you take a character and change both their personality and appearance, isn't it a new character? So don't call this new Flash Wally West. Give him a name all his own. Or her own if that would apply.

I think some of the issues with comics could actually be solved by just letting some characters go. For example, kill a hero, and have them stay dead. Period. And if you replace them, you have a chance to diversify the comic world. Like Bendis did with Ultimate Spiderman.

Of course, that wouldn't be the only way of diversifying (killing a character) but you get the point. I'd also like to see some NEW heroes with NEW personas. Not just another new person stepping into someone else's shoes. Not a character remade, rethought, or renewed somehow. But a whole new character in every way.

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@tparks: I think the comic was released with a special edition version of Splinter Cell Blacklist and now it's being released in single issues from Dynamite...don't quote me on that though...

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I voted for Lizard, but I know he doesn't stand a chance in the poll. Scarlet Spider has a cult following here on comicvine, lol.

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Yes. And the reason I say that is that superheroes are responsible for EVERYONE being safe. They are protectors of their city, world, dimension...etc....

Teenage superheroes are part of that.

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Wise men say: forgiveness is divine, but never pay full price for late pizza.

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Captain Marvel's face looks a little weird....doesn't it???

That's a little better...not that the original was bad, just looked a little off to me.

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Still not excited...I'm hoping the trailer wins me over, but I'm not expecting it to...