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I personally think that comic book characters should die. 

I don't mean KILL ALL CHARACTERS IMMEDIATELY but I definitely think that if the writers make the careful decision to kill off a character, they should REMAIN DEAD unless, of course, your Mister Immortal, where reincarnation is the whole point. But with the death of Human Torch, please, stay dead. No offense Torch fans. I just get really tired of seeing characters consistently die and consistently return. If the writers of Fantastic Four decided to kill off character (a big move) they need to stay dead. 

I wasn't reading comics when Captain America died almost six years ago in Civil War but I believe that it would've been an interesting twist for his character to die. It left the Cap role open for Bucky (though apparently Steve Rogers is going to return to the role). 

I'd definitely say that characters should die, because it allows the name of the hero (or villain), to pass down to another person, which to me, makes it so much more interesting.
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This episode is the one with Malekith. I think it's episode 20. Season 1 finished at episode 26 or something like that. Witchcraftial has all the episodes. We're all just waiting for Season 2 :) These aren't new at all. Still, pretty good episodes :)