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I do not like continuity issues. In fact, I wish that some superheroes should age normally, i.e they die or retire and someone else picks up the torch. I mean, Mister Fantastic was what, 30 something when he first appeared, and that was about 50 years ago.  Maybe he should think of a retirement home. And don't get my started on Wolverine. He's in abot 5 different books, all of which seem to happen at the same time.
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I love this, not so much the art. Anyway, I think that this completely cements why Marvel "Regenesised". Prelude to  Schism we got covers of Xavier, Magneto, Scott and Wolverine. Wolverine becomes Xavier and Scott becomes Magneto. Perfect. Also, I think that this is where the Young X-Men are going to appear, which I am a huge fan of. Everybody was complaining that Anole, Pixie and the rest didn't gett their own Regenesis book when the X-Club did, but now everybody is happy. I love it.

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I think that the writers will give her a more prominent role...eventually. Tons of people absolutely love her. And while I don't think that Jean should stay dead, I think that she should make little cameos. I mean, she is the Phoenix Force now. And not just the host, she IS the Phoenix Force. Surely she has better things on her mind than Scott Summers, no matter how much history they had.  
If I could make one wish, it would be to make Emma leader of the X-Men. I find Cyclops INCREDIBLY boring. He's all efficiency and no emotion. I think that Emma would run the X-Men like a drill sergeant but still seem like someone who would cover your back. Cyclops seems like the kind of guy who would ditch you if the situation seemed even slightly hopeless. Boo.
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Give a man a fish, he can eat for a day. Give Aquaman a fish, and you'll get slapped.

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I like love a certain extent. Often times, writers use them way to much. But for me, I like my comic books to be as realistic as they can be. I like it when they have some form of ground for normality. I think it's only right.

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I think that the DC revamp is a good idea. But the DC reboot? No way. Sure make new Number 1's, great. Change people's costumes great. Love the new costumes by the way. Knickers on the outside was getting stale anyway. Change the team rosters too, that's all good. But they went a bit overboard by redooing the entire universe. 

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I smell slight interest. Marvel does publish to many events, while I also think that DC publishes too few. Can't anyone find a balance??

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Eugh. I don't like picking up titles when they're so-and-so issues through the series. I feel obliged to get the rest of them. I'm already reading X-Force (which is ridiculously amazing btw, Fear Itself (which sucks), and Avengers Crusade (where the hell is the next issue), and I'm going to pick up Teen Titans. I'll wait to see which titles have the New X-Men and then I'll get those. Better yet, Marvel can make a 9th series, with Prof X, Husk, Cannonball, and Karma as teachers to the New X-MEn :D I'm debating about Wolverine and the X-Men. Interesting line-up. And I'm quite sure that that's Dark Beast. Since when did regular Beast carry explosives??

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So since only the Gold team has its last few members to reveal, I can't help wondering where everyone is. Let's just think. The X-Men trainees, X-Club, other main X-Men like Dazzler and Namor, and even other second-tier X-Men like Chamber and Cannonball? 
Where is everyone!!!???? 
Most the reveals isn't absolutely everyone on the teams, but I'd probably wager a guess that most of the X-Men trainees will stay with Cyclops.
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I have a sneaking suspicion that Polaris and Marvel Girl will pop up somewhere. Havok already made a little surprise, why not them? I think that Namor is the shadowy person on the blue team for the X-Men title and the New Mutants team will have no big surprises. For Generation Hope, my bet is on Zero. Wonder where Idie is though. I simply have absolutely no idea who the last figure in X-Men Legacy is. Absolutely NO CLUE. HElP.