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I have always liked Alpha Flight (maybe because I'm Canadian), but this appearance kinda didn't mean much. At the end of their last mini series, the line-up was all nice and filled out, and it seemed like they were all still heroes...


I thought Validator was Aurora, anyone else?

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I hate this book so much. I'm only downloading it because I want to see who dies and if it can possibly take a turn around. Waaay too much of a Hunger Games knockoff not one speck of originality here, aside from new characters who'll get killed off in an issue.

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I'm not reading this book but after reading this article, I really want to. Unfortunately, it's issue 6 and it's just a bit too late, but whatever. I still feel like the author is treading on thin ice, but he also seems to be putting a great deal of effort into these characters. Something special could really come of this.

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Excuse me? Disagree. The 1960's Spiderman and Batman TV show theme songs should be way up there! Yes, I know tha the Batman was a total fail, but it deserves honorable mention.

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Honestly, everyone is being incredibly negative towards Marvel lately. Yes, they do too many event books, but is DC really any different revamping their entire universe for about the third or fourth time? It's all about money. It's their job. Their trying to make people spend more money. It's why Marvel and DC do what they do. More related to the actual topic at hand, Iceman would destroy Spider-Man but Marvel won't let that happen because all the Spidey fans would shit their pants if Spidey lost. It's not about who'd realistically win, it's about who the fans want to win. Storm vs. Thor = Thor, but why Thor. Isn't he dead. Ten to one, this is just a big P.R. stunt and Thor won't even be in this saga. Then again, they may bring him back even faster than they brought back Human Torch. OH AND BY THE WAY. Storm. WTF? She's married, she's the queen of Wakanda, which is in Africa. Does she EVER see her husband? She's in the Avengers AND the X-Men now. Now that the Black Panthers book is being cancelled, Marvel should remove Storm to a background role. Show her in books that happen in Wakanda and call it a day. Stop focusing on the tried and true for the last 40 years and try someone new. Give Boom-Boom a shot at the X-Men for all I care.

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I think that Archangel will die...maybe. I don't think he'll be a good guy regardless for quite a while yet. I'm just more concerned what they're going to do with the sheer mass of characters: Jean Grey, Sunfire, Sabretooth, Wild Child, Iceman, Ozymandias, Genocide, War, Deathlok, Pestilence, Famine (apparently Wolverine didn't kill him), not to mention how Deadpool is going to come back from the dead (it's obvious considering that it's Deadpool). I'm actually really looking forward to the Age of Apocalypse mini-series, though I wonder who will be featured. As far as we know the rest of the AoA X-Men are did given that they didn't transfer over to 616 (Magneto, Silver Samurai, Rogue).

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Yeah I do. :S I just point blank don't like resurrections, unless your a character like Jean Grey and resurrection is what you do or if the person coming back to life is absolutely essential to the story. After all, they kill off chracters to get a reaction, but by now, we all know that the cahracter will eventually be back. When Bucky died, Black Widow was crying and everything. So what now? "Oh true, he's alive, wow you had me scared for a minute."
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In a way I think that Cyclops is right, but I feel like I side with Wolverine more. Cyclops seems to be a bit of a d****e, and nobody really likes him, he doesn't even seem to care for the kids, whereas Wolverine seems to genuinely want to keep them safe, so I wish Wolverine was right :S
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Ew. I don't like bringing characters back. No offense, Bucky fans. KEEP BUCKY DEAD. Bringing characters back just because their missed is silly, in my opinion, after all, why kill them in the first place??
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I would love to see the enitre Bat Family in a Batman game. Maybe in a sequel :) Batman shouldn't be alone in his fight against crime. You could choose who you wanted to be for the campaign and everyone would be unique combat-wise.