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Excellent. Just finished watching it and I enjoyed a great deal (and I'm not a DC fan). Thought that the action was intense and excellent, definitely some of the best I've seen in an animated movie. The amount of violence was rather shocking, and I'm not a prude at all, just wasn't expecting it. It really set the mood though. Not appropriate for kids but it worked plenty fine for me. I thought that the animation was a little awkward at times, especially when it came to some of the faces. Other than that, excellent.

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I love Wolverine's origin (hate on me everybody), but they really need to quit it with all the Wolverine. I know that he has a movie coming out in a week but all this Wolverine exposure doesn't make him more interesting, on the contrary, it makes him utterly uninteresting. One of these days Marvel is going to focus on a different character, like the Young X-Men (and not those god-awful replacements) or even X-23! She's way more interesting!

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I do love Nightcrawler's character but I am always nervous when it comes to resurrection in comic books. Nightcrawler's death in Second Coming was highly emotional (at least I thought so) and I hope that bringing him back doesn't dull that. At least it involves Azazel! I don't think I could stand another horrible resurrection involving time travel and a clone.

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I feel that if it was Iron Fist than it would be his dragon symbol. The fist suggests Luke Cage? Can't say I'm happy about that. Can't a character just retire in peace? Seriously.

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I'd have to go with Hulk. I mean, other than when faced with telepathy, Hulk is practically invincible. I get the whole power ring factor, but has Hulk ever been scared in a story? And even if he was afraid, wouldn't he just angrier, and therefore stronger. I don't even like the hulk, but I have to admit that along with characters like Juggernaut and Thor, he literally is the strongest there is.

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I love this series because I find the individual issues to be much simpler and well-thought-out than the previous Avengers volumes. Avengers can sometimes be rather "POW SOCK BAM", and have not much in the way of character development or thematic elements. I've tried to ignore the "grand story" so far and I've found that I have really looked forward to the next issue every time.

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All of these books were kinda "off the wall" and different and DC is just going to replace them with another mainstream book. I didn't read any of these, but I heard really good things about Dial H and Demon Knights. It wouldn't even be a big problem if DC did a lot of mainstream books so long as they were all good. Marvel is killing DC right now. Most DC books come in fits and starts, and yet Marvel is making second-tier hero books shine, like "Fearless Defenders" and "Red She-Hulk". DC really needs to get their act together.

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I don't know, I've never liked the premise, it's too overdone by this point, and Marvel is just copping the band wagon for the last time here. I'm only familiar with the Runaways and Avengers Academy characters, but I don't necessarily think that killing off characters is a bad thing. I wish that there would be more permanent deaths in comics. But this just seems like a huge case of "shock value." I doubt that characters such as X-23 will die, and I'd even be surprised if Mettle stayed dead. If the author wanted to kill off characters, then do it in a more meaningful way. Look at Kid Briton. He had one issue of backstory before his head got chopped off. Seems like a bit of a waste bringing in a character just to kill them.

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I absolutely loved this book I thought it was absolutely hilarious. I'm not as big a fan of this whole grand storyline being played out, but I love the characterization, the art is phenomenal, and this short story was very enjoyable. I love the whole realistic, "black ops" Avengers tales. I think it's a really good direction, and especially with this cast of characters.

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Better than the Red Skull story (Nazis are so overplayed), but this still felt kinda boring. What's with Marvel and all this cosmic stuff? The Apocalypse story in Uncanny X-Force set things up so nicely, but this just felt odd. I don't know, I just expect better from Remender. It isn't that interesting.